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All About the 98M - MBM’s Newest Folder That You Need to Know About

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

The 98M is the newest folding machine from world-class manufacturer, MBM. The 98M is taking the place of the now retired 93M, a customer favorite in folding machines. Not to worry though, the 98M comes with all of the features that you loved in the 93M, with a few updates and added improvements. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see in this folding machine. What’s New?98m folding machine new folder 93m The newest MBM folder includes a few new features and tweaks that provide the user with the same experience as the 93M, with a much needed facelift. The first notable change of this machine is that customers do not need to reverse the second folding plate when conducting a double fold job. Another added feature is the ability to run in test mode. This lets the user run a few sheets of their sample to check and see if it has been folded correctly, or maybe just to check and see if a different fold would work better for your materials.   Along with added machine features, MBM has also made a few improvements to the build of this machine, making it a more durable, longer lasting piece of equipment. Unlike its predecessor, the 98M now comes with lock plate to separate the rollers to prevent them from deformation due to long time pressing against each other. This allows the customer to run the machine without any auditory troubles. Also improved on this folder is better packing protection, which helps to protect against any shipping damages by packaging the fold plates separately. What About the Old Features that I Loved? Not to worry, MBM has retained many of the old, loved features of the 93M and has shifted them over to the 98M. The 98M automatic folder has clear, color-coded fold plate graphics that allow you to accur98m new folder martin yale 93mately choose and setup your desired fold quickly and easily. Along with the easy-to-navigate fold plates, this folder features a simple push button operation, making it one of the most user-friendly folders on the market. While the 93M is not ideal for large loads in a high stress environment, it is the perfect companion in a church, school, or small office with small to medium size jobs of about a couple hundred papers. It has pre programmed buttons that can create single folds, double folds, zig zag folds, and letter folds with ease. The digital control panel featured on this folder allow you to program batch and total functions. This, along with the powered exit conveyor and exit tray ensure that even the most inexperienced folder user can operate the 98M with ease. MBM keeps machine operation in check with an automatic stop once the last sheet in your batch has been folded, or an automatic stop if the fold plates are out of position. It also features a rotary knob on the machine in the rare occurrence of a paper jam. When the folder operates as expected, the papers stack, staggered, on a tray facing the same way as you inserted them. The 98M is compact but mighty, it has a foldable feed table and tray that allows it to fit into any nook or corner of your office. Specs and Numbers The 98M paper folder is able to handle sheets of paper ranging from 4” x 5”  to 8 ½” x 14” in size, and paper weights of up to 31 lbs bond (16 to 80 lbs offset)***. This machine is able to fold 150 sheets of paper at 7,200 per hour and is compact enough to fit right on your desk. The MBM 98M come equipped with two fold speeds, 100 or 120 sheets per minute. This folder takes 120 V, 60 Hz electrical requirements. It measures in at a solid 14” D x 25” W x 16.75” H and weighs 39 lbs.The four folds that the 98M can achieve: single, double, zig-zag and letter Our Prediction At such an attractive price, the 98M is not a machine that you will want to pass up.  We’re excited to see the new improvements in place for this machine and with the features we love on our tried-and-true 93M, we know that this will be the go-to folding machine for small to medium sized offices. Living up to the reputation of its predecessor, we see the 98M surpassing the competition for the most efficient, small load paper folder on the market.

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