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A Step by Step Guide to Unboxing and Setting Up the MBM 207m Paper Folder

By Angela Altomare May 01, 2019

MBM 207M Paper Folder

Are you easily intimidated by setting up seemingly intricate pieces of office equipment? Watch this step-by step video guide on how to unbox and set up and brand new MBM 207m paper folder. Beginners and experts alike will find this guide useful when setting up their first MBM series paper folder. From opening up the box and managing the packaging to itemizing the contents and piecing everything together in the Whitaker Brothers demo room, Kyle Mitchell gives simple pointers on how to do it the right way.

Whitaker Brothers always pride itself on knowing their products not off the spec sheet but because they’ve used them, set them up for customers, and serviced them afterwards. They know this stuff inside and out but that whole process starts very simply with the setup. This step by step demo of how to open and use an MBM 207m paper folder for the first time is a great opportunity to show exactly how to put one of these together, not because it’s difficult but because if you’ve never done it before it may not quite be logical.

Unboxing the MBM 207M Paper Folder

Beyond slitting the tape around the edges and on the top of the box, this brand new box of the 207m is exactly how you’ll receive it when shipped to you. When you’re opening this up, you just have to be careful because these have staples all around that will tear pants or a shirt in a heartbeat. Just give it a good stern yank and it’ll come out. There’s a box within this and you have to take out. It seems a little heavy because of a lot of packing material but the commanding majority of customers don’t use these. They don’t really have a function unless you’re folding really, really light paper like tissue paper quality.

At the very top is the instruction manual. It’s not something professionals from Whitakers Brothers need but it might be a good thing to keep around. There is a smaller fold plate on the top, which  is the lower fold plate and you’re going to leave this to the side for right now. There’s more packing material, the power cord, and the last thing in this box which is the bigger fold plate or upper fold plate. Again, you’re going to put this to the side for right now.

Once the you reveal the machine itself, the best way to pull it out is to take out the four top corner pieces and then if you look inside the box, you’ll find straps which are underneath the paper folder that make lifting it out a lot easier. Again, as you’re doing this whole process, watch out for these darn staples on the box. They will draw blood. Pull this out. It’s got a little bit of weight to it so if you have back problems or something like that, I wouldn’t recommend doing that yourself but it’s not that bad. Just take out these straps, which aren’t tied in there or anything. They’re just underneath the paper folder. Then it’s time to get it set up.

The first thing that’s going to throw a lot of people off is that you will see blue tape. Remove that blue tape. There’s going to be a lot of that on this machine as they package it very well at MBM. Take off the packing metal, which is disposable. You may not be used to doing that but it’s not part of the machine. It only serves to keep the machine working or functioning when you open it up because without it, a few bumps by the UPS or FedEx will really throw you off. Continue removing the blue tape of which there is no shortage of. The machine will not operate if you’ve got tape on the feed tires. Switch over to the other side just to make sure you didn’t miss any tape because again you’re going to get some funny errors with no good explanation if you leave big pieces of tape in here.

Setting Up the MBM 207M Paper Folder

Now we’ve got the paper folder, you’ve still got to set the fold plates up. Take the lower fold plate out of its bag. You’ll know this is the lower fold plate because it’s smaller. You want to put this in obviously in the lower position. This is the part where if you’ve never done it before, it’s going to take a few tries. Once you’re used to it, you know exactly what it’s supposed to feel like, but it’s very easy to put this in wrong but have it feel right, especially if you’re not familiar with it. You’ll know it’s in because there is no wiggle. If you shake the machine and the fold plate itself is not moving, that is locked in. Grab the other fold plate, the upper fold plate which is bigger. It’s the same process. There should not be a lot of pushing involved in this, whatever you do. If you’re pushing really hard, you’re going to break something. They shouldn’t take that much effort to get in.

Now you have the paper folder and it’s all set up. Just plug in the power cord and then you’re all taken care of. Again, if you’re having any trouble during this entire process, call up Whitaker Brothers. Pretty much everybody in their building knows most of the equipment that they offer and they’ve got personal experience with it so they can help you out with this process even if you have trouble with it, especially with those fold plates. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of advice on how it works, just so you know you shouldn’t have to force anything and best practices. So now that we’re plugged in, there’s one step, the on/off switch. That zero right there is how we know everything’s working but you can test it to prove it.

Product Demo 

On this demo, he’s going to be folding some 11 inch paper. Put the paper in like that and adjust the side guides by loosening these up with thumb screws so that you can bring them in. There’s no magical position for them. In training, they tell you that you want about a business card worth of space between the sides and the paper that you’re feeding. You just don’t want it to be too tight because then it’s going to bow when it’s in there and that’ll create problems. That will compromise the quality of your fold. Then pick a fold. Since 11-inch paper is being used, do a letter fold. He’s not going to get this flawless since he’s doing it relatively quickly but he adjusted the fold up there and down in the lower fold plate, just pinching the fold plate and making adjustments. Now just push start and you’ll see it work smoothly. Now you know how to unbox and set up an MBM 207m paper folder.

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