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Interesting Uses for Paper Shredders

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

shreds lines not paper


paper shredder is about as straightforward a product as you can get. The name says it all – this machine will shred your paper. Of course we can tell you that shredders don’t have to be limited to paper; many of the ones we offer can shred optical media as well, and there are specialty shredders for a variety of materials. Shredding CDs is still not the most unique application a shredder can have, however, and over the years we have heard tale of some very innovative uses for paper shredders.


paper shred mulchYou may have heard of people composting their shredded paper when they don’t know what else to do with it, but some people go a step further and intentionally shred paper so they can use it for organic purposes. Of course you know that paper is much less expensive than mulch, but did you know that it can be used in a similar fashion? If you have junk mail or newspapers lying around and send them through the shredder, the shred can be planted around your trees and shrubberies to keep them healthy. Surprisingly enough, shredded paper is an adequate and environmentally-conscious alternative to other forms of weed control.


cute hamster Why not knock two tasks off your list at once if you have a small pet and some old credit card statements? Those who keep hamsters,gerbils, and other rodents as pets have told us that they use their shredders to create bedding for their little friends. Although we are being facetious when we mention using sensitive documents, newspaper is actually a very popular choice for small animal bedding. Instead of laying down the newspaper in unwelcoming sheets, shred the newspaper into strings that your hamster will love to move around and burrow into. It’s likely you already get the Sunday paper, and if not, purchasing a newspaper is much cheaper than going to the pet store.


head of lettuceHear us out on this one. When we were first told about lettuce shredding, we thought it was a joke. As it turns out, some restaurants that offer shredded lettuce as a part of their entrees (such as Mexican-style eateries) find that putting the leaves of lettuce through a shredder is quite efficient. Provided you have a shredder that is up to the task, running lettuce through a paper shredder can be faster than shredding it by hand, and creates perfectly uniform shredded produce. We strongly suggest refraining from using a shredder with an automatic-oiler for this job, however, as the oil you’ll find on the shredder head is far different from the ones you’ll find in the kitchen.

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