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How To Choose the Right Letter Opener

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Omation Mini Mill


here are a few things in life where you get what you pay for. A letter opener, or an envelope opener, is definitely one of them. Sure, there are a few differences from one manufacturer to the other. If two products are within $100 then you might do a little research to see which one is better. But nowadays shoppers prefer to make their own decisions. They'll spend an hour pouring through Google trying to choose the best letter opener for their daily mail. Then they'll find the dealer with the lowest price and buy it. About 60 days later they'll be back to opening the mail by hand. Because they thought $500 would buy a good letter opener. The fact is you just can't find a good letter opener for $500. I'll be the first to agree that they're very expensive compared to what you actually get. There are damn good paper folders out there for less than $500. But if you want something that will legitimately save you time and effort openeing your mail, start your search in the $2,000 range. Omation 306Once you reach $2,000 there are two things that change. First of all, any letter opener in that range is going to incorporate a pretty good opening system. Some of them will even be a mill cut which minimizes the likelyhood of the contents being cut. Envelopes should slide pretty effortlessly through saving you lots of time. This brings me to the second change: Since they're all 'good' letter openers, your selection should be based on volume. I have a letter opener that's about $2,100 and a letter opener that's over $11,000. They incorporate the same milling technology, their speed is relatively similar. The only difference is that the expensive unit can be run all day long without wearing out. Meanwhile the $2,100 unit, despite being an excellent machine, really isn't designed to be run for more than 20 minutes per day. Ultimately there's no replacement for speaking with a professional. Whitaker Brothers's sales reps have been working with letter openers for an average of 14 years. Based on just a couple questions we can make a recommendation that'll satisfy your requirements.

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