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Data Recovered From Destroyed Space Shuttle Hard Drive

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Space Shuttle Hard Drive


n the past I've written about the space shuttle that exploded shortly after takeoff. The hard drive plummeted to the Earth at terminal velocity in the form of a giant fireball. It landed in a swamp where it continued to burn and soak in rocket fuel. Forensic experts were able to recover nearly all the information on that hard drive. That's a fantastic example of why whatever methods you think are good enough for your own personal security, probably aren't. But for those of you who are not astronauts, there's a new story out of Florida: (click here for the original story) A beach comber stumbled upon what could vaguely be identified as an old digital camera. It was covered by rust and sand, but the memory card inside was still vaguely in tact. The beach comber split open the memory card and cleaned off the circuits with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. He reassembled the card and put it into his computer - only to discover the pictures inside were from 2007. So there you have it. The data from a digital camera dropped into the ocean four years ago, eventually washing up on a beach, was completely reconstructed by an amateur using nothing but rubbing alcohol. Just one more bit of proof that you have to be professional about your personal data. Still think cracking a CD in half, or beating a hard drive with a hammer, renders that media unreadable?

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