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Why is the Destroyit 2604 so popular?

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019

Destroyit 2604

After looking for some of the best office shredders in the market, we have found one model that continuously comes up in shredder reviews, office machine distributors, and customers looking to purchase. This shredder is the Destroyit 2604. We sought to find out what makes this shredder so popular and this is what we found. In the line of the most powerful shredders on the market, the Destroyit 2604 positively outweighs the competition for several reasons. This level 3 security shredder handles a sheet capacity of up to 22 sheets and has a shred speed of 18 feet per minute. No other shredder of its size can boast this claim.

The convenient high quality wooden cabinet opens to a high density plastic shred bin that collects the shredded material. This sturdy shred bin, a valuable addition which many other companies have not yet pursued, makes shred bag removal much easier than other models we have tested and even offers benefits that largely prevail over the shred bags. Other shredders we have seen have bins made of delicate cardboard or simply have metal frames in which to place a flimsy shredder bag.

Both of these options are unsubstantial and simply do not compare to the heavy duty, plastic shredder bin. The Destroyit 2604 can hold approximately 26 gallons of shred volume. The horizontal feed is often a completely overlooked feature, but we have found that it makes the material feed ten times easier than vertical feeders.

Environmentally-friendly, the Destroyit 2604 features the ESM (Energy Saving Mode), which provides a power-saving “sleep” mode that activates after one hour of inactivity. This saves an incredible amount of electricity, prevents overheating, and makes for undemanding shredding jobs. Although many shredders are offering this today, it is important to note that the Destroyit lineup of shredders was one of the first, so we do give them credit for spear heading this initiative.

The distinguished SPS (Safety Protection System) ensures that anyone is capable of using the Destroyit 2604 without fear or hesitation. A transparent, electronic safety shield located in the feed opening protects against any harmful shredding. The machine will cease shredding if the safety shield is ever lifted. While testing the shredder with CDs and DVDs, we found that the shield also provides protection from plastic fly-back, something that can be a big problem with other models we have looked at.

Another safety feature is the electronic “Easy Switch” that detects when the cabinet door is opened or when the shred bag is full, in which case the shredder will shut off. The “Easy Switch” function provides another safety feature, acting as the emergency stop switch for any shredder malfunction. The automatic reverse and power cut-off functions are extremely useful should you ever encounter a paper jam.

The ECC (Electric Capacity Control) is an illuminated panel that averts paper jams by indicating the sheet capacity levels in real time while the machine is shredding. The Destroyit 2604 is one of the smallest mid-size machines, weighing 123 lbs, and fits perfectly into the corners of common office spaces. The convenient swivel casters make relocating the machine a breeze. Casters might seem like a minute detail at first, but after testing other brands, we have found that they are typically the first parts to break; thus, we are happy to see that MBM is invested in quality here.

Worried about irresponsible or uninformed employees breaking the machine? The Destroyit 2604 is amazingly resilient, and can run continuously without burning out or slowing down. Thanks to the high quality, hardened steel cutting shafts, this cross-cut machine is capable of shredding staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CDs. MBM even provides a guaranteed Lifetime Warranty for these heavy-duty steel cutting shafts. Operation of the Destroyit 2604 is extremely quiet, ensuring that your office will not be burdened by obnoxious noise.

The 2604 is also self-maintained, thanks to the factory installed auto oiler, which keeps the cutting shaft in optimal condition by cleaning and lubricating while the machine is in use. This is one of our favorite features as it helps eliminate dry cutting head problems, such as jamming and increased wear. That being said though, the oiler does use quite a bit of oil, so make sure to have a few gallons in reserve for refills.

After our testing and analysis of the 2604, we understand what makes this model so popular. It is the many features combined that prove that this is one of the strongest and most dependable office shredders we have reviewed. The long-lasting and efficient Destroyit 2604 cross cut paper shredder is perfect for any office whose employees value high security, durability, and user-friendly operation.

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