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Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder - The Legacy

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

The Evolution of the Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder

Destroyit 4002 Shredder Legacy

The Destroyit 4002 Cross Cut Shredder is one of the worlds most sought after shredders in the last two decades. The reason for this is simple—it works harder and longer than almost any other shredder in its class. The 4002 cross cut is a commercial grade shredder built with the office in mind. This means its internal components are built with the same engineering and components as much larger industrial shredders.MBM Destroyit ShreddersOk, so we know the cutting shaft and other components are top notch… it is a Destroyit, after all. But how does the 4002 mach up to the most modern new designs? The 4002 cross cut is equipped with many of the external features you would expect from a modern age shredder, in fact some of these features were actually spearheaded my MBM. These features did not come about overnight. They were actually a slow evolution of advancements that happened due to natural selection and breeding over millions of years. Ok, not quite, but now that I’ve got your attention lets take a brief look at the family tree of the 4002 cross cut.

Destroyit Data-16 Commercial Shredder

Old Version of Destroyit 4002The Destroyit’s 4002 cross cut’s Great Grandfather was actually not even a cross cut shredder at all. Going back almost 20 years there was a shredder called the Destroyit Data-16. This shredder only came in a strip cut model. Taking one look at this, you can tell that it has some years on it. It uses the old design of a separate shredder head that sits on a cabinet, which is rarely seen today. This design had its serious advantages, but also came with some concerns. The best thing about separating the shredder head from any fixed cabinet is that you had a much larger shred residue capacity. Since you weren’t limited the size of the cabinet, you could endlessly feed in paper without worrying about the annoying bag full light. Many customers used huge industrial bags, which are much larger than those that fit most office shred bins today. So, you might be wondering why these shredders aren’t in offices everywhere today. It’s because of safety. Having the bottom of the shredder head completely exposed like this can be very dangerous in an office environment. In fact, it has lead to enough office accidents that manufactures and OCEA requirements steer manufactures clear of this early design.

Destroyit 4000 Super Speed Shredder

Destroyit 4000 Super SpeedNow that looks familiar. You can now see the origins of the model number itself. The 4002 CC’s Grandfather was the 4000 Super Speed. This was also a strip cut shredder, and from the picture, you can definitely see a resemblance to the Data-16. Essentially, this design was meant to be a bit of a hybrid between enclosed cabinet designs that were gaining in popularity and separate shredder head designs that have proven to be highly functional. The open cabinet still allowed for large volumes of shred to be deposited. By melding the two together, MBM was able to create a more modern look. It was called the super speed because its excellent performance. This performance was borrowed from the Data-16 Super Speed due to their heavy-duty motors and strip cut shredding that created a larger particle size than later models. Any time the shred size is increase there are noticeable gains in speed and sheet capacity.  

Destroyit 4001 Cross Cut Shredder

Destroyit 4001 ShredderThe Destroyit 4002’sfather was the Destroyit 4001. This is the closest model to the current 4002. This was the year that MBM shifted their manufacturing to completely closed cabinet designs that many offices are so used to seeing in copy rooms today. This change made huge strides in the growing safety concerns surrounding shredders in the workplace. By enclosing the cutting head, sensors were able to shut off the shredding action of the cutting head when the cabinet door is opened. Another major shift in the shredding industry during this time was the increase in popularity of cross cut shredders. Because cross cut shred self compacts, more shred is able to fit in a smaller waste bin. This dropped the need for the huge external shred bag setups seen in previous 4002 shredder versions. Although unconfirmed from the factory, it is likely that the drop of the term “Super Speed” was do to this shift from strip cut to cross cut models. Although shredding both directions for cross cutting is far more secure, it definitely can drop the speed, sheet capacity, and other performance indicators. However, the massive popularity of cross cut over strip cut shredder models is proof that this was the right direction.

Destroyit 4002

Destroyit 4002 Shredder from MBM Corp.The Destroyit 4002 is the model where all this technology and engineering evolution really came into its own. After analyzing the successes of the 4001, engineers at MBM were able to squeeze even more performance out of this model by tweaking gear ratios and motor output. Another welcome change was a refinement of the design. Designers in Germany sought to smooth out and simplify the edges and flush the heat vents for an updated and more unified appearance. As continuous forms began to disappear from offices, so did the protruding tables and shelves. An even greater emphasis on safety was placed on the throat area, where MBM announced the first version of their Safety Protection System, which made accidental injury nearly impossible. This version of the 4002 cross cut shredder has been so popular that MBM has been reluctant to update the model number. It’s not often that a shredder withstands the test of time quite like the Destroyit 4002. Throughout its history, the 4002cc shredder from MBM has gone through many changes, but one thing has stayed the same—it works harder and longer than almost any other shredder in the ShredderSphere (it’s a real word, I promise I didn’t just make it up). It has been pretty clear that MBM has a huge winner on their hands with their line of Destroyit shredders, making some of highest quality shredding equipment ever. But out of this family lineup of MBM’s shredders, the Destroyit 4002 shredder is top dog.

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