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Developments in Single Shaft Shredders

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Single shaft shredderWhitaker Brothers, data destruction experts since 1945, presents a video overview and demonstration of the versatile single shaft shredder. It’s low speed high-torque cutting process makes it more energy efficient than a granulator while achieving near identical data destruction results by virtue of its signature close cutting tolerance. This heavy duty machine runs with a low level of noise and has an adjustable hopper large enough to process bulkier objects with its sturdy and misalignment-proof rotor. Check out a new development in single shaft shredders. The single shaft shredder that has the ability to cut like a granulator, what’s unique about this design is the close knife clearance between the rotor and the bed knives. Now most shredders on the market today are 0.020 or 0.030 and rip and tear the material, but here you are able to hold a much tighter tolerance of about 0.006 to 0.007. What that mean is with this one design, you can do film, you can do fiber, you can do wire and cable, you can do nylon rope, carpeting, high-density polyethylene and one of the most difficult is thermoplastic rubber. Watch the operation of the one we just looked at. This is the 48 by 48. A full 40-inch wide opening, about 47 cutters mounted on the same geometry as seen on this one.The machine has a series of cutters that are square so it’s symmetrical. This gives you the ability to cut with four cutting edges. As the knives dull in time, they can be flipped 90 degrees simply by unbolting the hold down below from the rotor. So you have actually four cutting edges and in this design, the other three cutting edges are protected. They’re set into the rotor itself. The rotor knife is held in place with a knife holder, which again should there ever be a problem that might unfold that could be easily removed in the plate. There is  a relief here along with some oiled cutters to prevent any material from wrapping, again when caught into the bearings of the housing itself so the bearing is protected. The machine outward design and the entire chamber’s machine dull over the destruction, the precision rotor alignment, again all of this points in to the ability to have a machine with the very close cutting power. The screen drops into a cradle and is easily bolted in place. The screen can be interchanged. On some applications, we can go down to a half inch, maybe even 3/8 of an inch. Most of the time, it’s about 1 inch and 1 and a half to 2 inches. The way this works is you can literally feed this entire hopper with material. There's   hydraulic ram that pushes material into the rotating belt. You can see rotor churning about 80 rpm and the ram is pushing the material into the cutter. The regrind has a nice consistency and it’s processing very well. There’s very little, if any, be filled up and it’s a very successful application. Again, this is only running 25 horsepower but it’s a whole different cutting action in the granulator. [youtube] Here you can see the action of the ram. Basically the ram has some grippers that allow that to do all that. Keep processing that. Release the rotor and in this short test we saw very little amperage. Check out how the finished product looks like after being processed for about 15 minutes. Again, there is no heat buildup. It looks like it was very well processed, as seen on this Single Shaft Shredder video. The particle size looks good, pretty much uniform, no long spikes or pieces on there, and the carpeting really kind of disintegrated right into this mixture.

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