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Don't Use Vegetable Oil to Lubricate Your Shredder

By Shopify API March 26, 2019


Many shredder users know that oiling the cutting head is important, but equally crucial and less widely known is the importance of the quality of lubricant. Vegetable oil can be a tempting choice, as it is inexpensive and readily available, but nothing is an adequate substitute for actual shredder oil. Using vegetable oil and other natural oils is a way to cut corners but will be detrimental to the health of your shredder in the long run. This type of organic oil is thick and will clog the cutting shafts and gears, turning oiling from a way of extending the life of the machine into a cause of its deterioration. Oil specially designed for shredders is petroleum based and will not cause the build-up that eventually ruins the cutting shafts and gears. It costs more in the short term to use the real deal when lubricating your shredder, but you’ll save in the long term by avoiding the replacement of parts or the shredder itself.

Even some major manufacturers are guilty of providing vegetable oil to their customers, so you need to be careful as to which type of oil you’re really using. Whitaker Brothers shredder oil is guaranteed to be a petroleum-based oil that is specially designed for use with paper shredders and will not cause blockages in the cutting heads. Our technicians have encountered ruined shredders time and time again that have suffered the fate of vegetable oil. Once the oil sticks in the head and sets, it hardens and becomes impossible to remove, causing the need for a complete part replacement. Do yourself and your shredder a favor and invest in the best – real shredder oil made for oiling cutting heads, not vegetable oil made for cooking.

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