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Granulators: Mean, Green, Recycling Machines

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

electronic recyclingGranulators are perfect for heavy-duty waste management, going above and beyond the capabilities of a normal shredder. These machines can last up to thirty years in some cases, providing the best service in recycling and security. We spoke with one of our resident granulator gurus John Brown about the experiences he had during his thirty odd years at Whitaker Brothers and what they mean for the manufacturing business as a whole.

Going Green with Granulators

In an attempt to go green, many companies are looking to turn their waste management into repurposing opportunities. Granulators are particularly useful when it comes to e-waste recycling, helping many companies reuse old materials in an environmentally friendly and ecologically-sustainable manner.

plastic-bottles2_0 A large plastics company decided to repurpose their excess waste into glitter, and we customized the machine to help them produce what they needed. With our help, the glitter business has become successful, allowing the company to expand what was first considered a side project. Recycling can not only save you money from disposing excess waste, but can generate extra revenue as well. Whitaker Brothers is currently working on a project with two different companies, collaborating in an effort to turn their waste from food packaging into biofuel. Energy is always a hot button issue, and may be for many years to come, but companies are circumventing this by thinking of new, smarter ways to obtain and maintain fuel.

Data Destruction and Security

Technology, particularly data storage technology, is expanding exponentially -- today, data can be stored on microchips, disks, hard drives, and much more. This calls for specialized disposal methods that can handle the material found in these new devices, as we have moved well beyond storing information on simple paper, which has its own issues with security and disposal. In today’s hyperconnected world, people need to think very carefully about how they protect their assets. This is especially important for large manufacturing companies, who deal not only with their company’s potential loss, but those of their own customers as well.

information security

Common companies that need data destruction are credit card companies.  A manufacturer reached out to Whitaker Brothers for new equipment to replace their twenty-year-old granulator. They deal in sensitive customer information, so data destruction is their top priority and therefore ours as well. We were able to finalize their customized order just recently, leaving the company with a heavy-duty machine with the ability to process entire sleeves of plastic cards at once. By destroying the cards, the possibility of fraud is cut down to the barest minimum.

plastic toys
Fraud can happen anywhere
 Another company we worked with specialized in the making of toys, but because of a defect in manufacturing, they were left with hundreds upon thousands of toys they could not sell. Simply tossing them in the trash would not do, as the toys could very easily fall into the black market, defects and all. What they needed was to destroy the toys in an effective manner, so thieves wouldn’t be able to copy or steal their designs. State police had a similar problem concerning their used and worn uniforms, which, if not properly destroyed, could fall into the wrong hands. The cloth uniforms on their own aren’t heavy-duty work, but along with the belts, buckles, hats, and badges, the station was in need of a good granulator. They contacted Whitaker Brothers for a solution, and were fitted with a granulating machine to suit their needs.

 Why Not Both?

In most cases, recycling and security coincide. The two situations above, for instance, could call for recycling as well as data destruction. The shredded cloth from the police uniforms could be used as stuffing for toys, while the metal from the buckles and badges could be used in any other repurposing project requiring metal. Similarly, the plastics from the toys could be melted down after being destroyed to make new toys, which allows for a more sustainable approach to any manufacturing problems that may arise. At times these problems may be unavoidable, but with the proper equipment you can resolve issues and create an even better outcome for your company, as many products can be recycled and made anew.
Landfills are environmentally and financially costly
Landfills are environmentally and financially costly
One particular case concerning both aspects of waste management was from a federal company, responsible for creating paper bills for the government. Data destruction is paramount in this situation, but where the discarded bills ended up was also a concern. The government was sending the money to landfills, which not only has its own environmental issues, but also requires more money to use; the company was therefore spending more money in order to dispose of money they had made. To counter these issues, someone discovered a creative solution: pulverising the paper bills into building material. They discovered that the dye in currency works well in tiles, but in order to make them, the paper needs to be pulverised into a fine dust, much smaller than what a normal shredder is capable of doing. Whitaker Brothers is now developing new granulator technology capable of creating the fine granules the company is looking for.

There are many aspects of waste management to consider when operating a large company. If your business deals with sensitive information, like an insurance or credit card company, more attention needs to be put towards protecting it during and after the disposal process. Similarly, companies need to also prevent products and property from being copied or stolen after they are disposed of.

 On the other hand, rising concerns with the state of the environment requires companies to rethink their waste methods, as landfalls are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Granulators are the perfect solution in both cases, providing the machinery capable of destroying material into an unrecognizable form and making it so that it can be reused in new products, providing the very best service for a cost effective price. Help both your company and the environment by choosing the perfect machine today!

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