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High Security Shredder Games of 2012!

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

People get to represent their countries and prove themselves in competitions every 2 years in the Olympics, but what about shredders? Have you ever stopped to think how your shredder would perform if given the chance to represent it's brand and prove itself on an international stage. Well, that's exactly the type of thing we think about here at Whitaker Brothers, which is why we bring you... drum roll please.... THE SHREDDER OLYMPICS! This will be the first in a full series of contests that allow these great machines to prove themselves, so check back soon for more exciting events!  

Highest throughput High Security Shredder

This year, the 702sf stole the gold by a landslide after ousting longtime crowd favorite, the 007sf. It's clear that the 702sf high security shredder must have really hit the waits after coming in silver last year. Although the 702 looks similar in build, there have been some major changes to the strength and internal components that secured a clear victory of about 3 sheets by NSA testing. The 007sf's 35 year long-term reign as champion couldn't last forever, and since they're coming from the same Datastroyer family, there's noone the 007sf would rather pass the "Highest Throughput" title to than the 702 sf. In third came yet another Datastroyer model, the 1628 ms. NSA tested at 25 reams, the 1628 shredder is nipping at the heals of it's other two Datastroyer teammates. Although this shredder looks pretty stripped down compared to the other models, it's internal strength is every bit as strong. With a few training improvements, we could see big things from this shredder in future competitions. If there's one thing that can be said about this year's Highest Throughput challenge, is that Datastroyer does for high security shredder sheet capacity what Jamaican's do for track sprinting. Above all, congratulations to the 702sf high security shredder!

Most Popular All-around High Security Shredder

This year, the Destroyit 2603/2 does it again with it's clear win to victory for the "Best All-Around" shredder. While the 2603/2 might not win any single event on it's own, when comparing all events together, the 2603 has a near perfect mix of size, throughput, price, safety features and overall durability. This winning combination makes this high security shredder a customer favorite. For the silver, the 702 sf takes the win and is a well known star this year. After it's shocking throughput numbers, it's no surprise that customer's like this model. However, it's higher price tag earned it a silver in the "All-around" challenge. The Destroyit 4014/2 snook into third place this year, and earned the bronze for good reason. Like it's smaller brother, the Destroyit 2603, the 4014/2 is one of highest quality shredders you can buy. It has all the advantages of the 2603, but with a larger throat size and larger motor. Great work, team Destroyit, for your consistent showing in this category. As an innovator in the industry, the Shredder Olympics are already looking forward to some of the future models that will grace our arena.

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