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How to Choose the Right Destroyit Office Shredder

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

The shredder industry is littered with 4 digit model numbers and Destroyit shredders are no different.  2404, 2503, 2604, 4002… where’s a professional purchasing agent to start?  We want to go over a few quick things that will fast track your research, so you can shop and shred smarter.

A Note About Popularity

Out of the sea of shredder brands out there to choose from, MBM’s line of Destroyit shredders have risen to the top.  The same is true with a few of their model numbers.  If you’re purchasing a shredder for your organization, you likely want to go with the crowd and pick a model that’s popular.  There are plenty of specs and stats to pour over if you are a shredder nerd like we are, but the truth is that you probably want to find a good shredder and get back to work. What follows is a snapshot of the Destroyit shredder lineup designed to make your shopping experience less hassle and cut to the point. We’ve picked out 3 of the most popular Destroyit shredders according to 3 different types of needs, small (deskside), medium (centralized office), and large (bulk shredding). Just take a peek at the size of shredder you’re looking for, and we’ll explain why our customers have made a specific model so popular.

The Big Three

Small: Desk Side Shredder

MBM-Destroyit-2360-ShredderLooking for a personal shredder?  Sure others might use it, but mostly, it’s for you.  Take a look at the Destroyit 2360.  This segment is one of the most competitive and crowded in the shredder world (yes, I said shredder world).  We sell a lot of competitors, too.  But where the 2360 shines is the fact that you can actually buy a small shredder that isn’t going to break after a year of use.  We love this shredder because it’s built tough like the larger models.  It’s not the cheapest model around that will fit under the desk.  It doesn’t even have the sheet capacity or speed of some other models.  What makes it great, though, isn’t a nerdy shred spec.  It’s a dedication to quality that’s baked into the DNA of the brand.  When purchasing a shredder, it’s good to think of it less like purchasing a piece of office equipment, and more like purchasing a tool that you want to last for life.  Disclosure: I have this shredder for my home office, and love it.  It’s perfect for mail and other documents.  Also, my cat’s really appreciate the added safety benefits of the auto shutoff and safety shield!
  • One other option: Need a beside or under the desk sized shredder, but want the ability to shred continuously?  Look no further than the 2503.  The 2503 has a thermally protected motor, so it won’t need an auto cool off period.  This means if you need a shredder for junk mail, but want the ability to occasionally purge a few banker boxes of old documents, the 2503 will give you the best of both worlds between size and ability.

Medium: Centralized Office Shredder

MBM-Destroyit-2604-ShredderThis is the most popular category for MBM.  Destroyit shredders are known to be incredibly tough and last 10+ years.  If you’re looking for a shredder that is shared between multiple employees and even departments, MBM is a go to brand.  Far and away, the most popular office shredder that MBM offers is the Destroyit 2604.  For shredder nerds like us, the four digits 2 6 0 4 elicits legendary status.  That’s because it’s really the “do anything” Swiss army knife of shredders.  It’s strong enough to withstand an office full of shredaholics (yes, to some people, shredding is fun).  It’s durable enough to last for well over a decade.  With features like an ECC feed meter and auto oiler, it’s easy to use and maintain. It can handle bulk shredding if needed, and it’s small footprint is easy enough to tucked around a cubicle or a copy room. Those are some of the things that customers love about the 2604 shredder.  The easiest way to put it, though, would be to say that this shredder would win an award for best shredder in the MBM lineup.  This shredder probably sells more models than most of the lineup combined.  If you’re in need of a centralized office shredder, start at the 2604, then decide if you need something a bit larger.
  • One other option: The 2604 has a few bigger brothers, but I’d pass over those, and look first at the 4002.  The 4002 has all the great features of the 2604, but everything is bigger.  Bigger waste bin is my favorite feature, but a common reason to trade up is the wider throat width and capacity that’s better suited to more bulk shredding.  If you’re  a company that has a lot of file purges, go for the 4002 over the 2604.

Large: Industrial Conveyor Shredder

MBM-Destroyit-5009-ShredderOk, so you have sooo much to shred that even these big office shredders are not going to cut it (hehe shred pun). Destroyit has you more than covered with the 5009.  This is the type of shredder that really get’s our shredder geeks excited.  Dump bags and containers, and boxes, of material on the conveyor, and the 5009 will indiscriminately destroy smoothly and efficiently.  Many industrial shredders on the market have lost sight of how important usability is to efficiency. The 5009 has the power, it has the durability, but it also has a refinement not seen on many warehouse style destruction equipment that the end users really appreciate.  Features like auto reverse, multiple waste container options, and optional plugin conveyor make it a system that is ready to go without tedious customization.
  • One other option: Looking for industrial strength, but still want it in an office environment?  Check out the 4605 hopper shredder.  The sheet capacity of this model blows away every other office shredder, yet it’s built vertically, and it’s small footprint can fit in any office!  Even if you’re not sold on the “hopper” feed, it also has a traditional feeding system too.  Let us know with questions on this.

A Note About Shred Size

Most offices now will want a standard cross cut shred size that carries the designation P-4 or Level 3.  Smaller particle sizes than this are a good idea for security, but not common, as they reduce the throughput.  The primary exception to this is if you need to meet a high security government regulation such as shredding top secret classified documents.  Military and many other government applications require the Level P7 (Level 6).  Most of the rules above apply, but see this list for the model numbers you would want to look at for the higher security level 2360 → 2360 SMC 2604 → 2603/2 SMC 4002 → 4014/2 SMC 5009 → Does not exist in P7

More Options

Boiling down a lineup of over 50 models is not a precise science.  There’s a use case for every model in between.  We hope, though, by starting with these three models, it will make your shopping experience a bit easier.  Want to talk shredders?  One of our shredder nerds are always happy to talk motors, sheet capacity, security level and so on, but the truth is that we can really help making the decision easy whatever brand you're after.  Shameless plug: we also have amazing pricing and super fast shipping, so give us a shot, darnit ; ) [button type="qd_button btn_large" url="" target="" button_color_fon="#0F79C7" ]Shop All Destroyit Shredder Models[/button]  

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