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How to make your shredder last forever

By Shopify API March 26, 2019


Seems like a trick question, doesn’t it?  Many have tried to preserve their shredder and make it virtually indestructible, but to no avail.

While we know there’s not a sure fire way to make your shredder last forever, we here at Whitaker Brothers can offer several tips and tricks of how to maintain your shredder and guarantee optimal performance for many years. One of the best ways of maintaining your shredder is to limit, if not completely avoid, paper jams.  Easier said than done.  Although paper jams inevitably occur, there are several functions that your home or office shredder may provide to aid you in dodging the paper jam bullet.  But first, let’s discuss for a moment the “recommended” sheet capacity available in all shredder manuals.  Many fall into the trap of believing that the sheet capacity level is always accurate.  Think of the recommended sheet capacity as more of a guideline.  This value is not definite, and no, we do suggest intentionally going over this number.  Paper jams can happen in an instant, typically when you’re not paying attention to how much paper you’re feeding into the shredder.  You may start off with 1 or 2 sheets, and by the end you’ve loaded 50 sheets into a shredder with a 30 sheet capacity.  Luckily, many office shredders offer beneficial features, such as the “DLS Dynamic Load Sensor” or the Destroyit's “Electronic Capacity Control” (ECC), to notify you when sheet capacity levels are increasing at a dangerous rate.  These color-coded and illuminated features provide you with the best insight of how much paper is too much.  The higher the sheet levels are, the greater the risk of a paper jam or other malfunction.  We highly recommend that you watch these indicators carefully and limit your paper overload.  If not, we suggest that you have a service technician on speed dial. Paper jams aren’t the only problem you can encounter though.  Shredder manufacturers are dedicated to the idea that their cutting shafts are near impossible to break.  However, overload your office shredder with paper clips and staples and you run the risk of breaking the “unbreakable.”  We caution you to use fair judgment when feeding your shredder with stapled and paper clipped sheets to avoid such problems.  Some manufacturers do not offer warranties on these cutting heads and even the most durable, hardened steel can become damaged along the way. Common shredder malfunctions are abundant.  We found that it helps knowing the operational status of your shredder before you begin each project.  Thanks to functions like the “i-Control,” “Easy Switch,” “Thermal Overload Protection,” and so on, you are always aware of your system’s condition.  Back-lit symbols immediately display whenever a problem occurs and needs direct attention.  Whether your shredder bin is full, your shredder needs service, or the cabinet door is open, these alerts can help you avoid any serious problems. Finally, constant maintenance is essential to keep your shredder in top shape and running smoothly.  Oiling your cutting shaft consistently will ensure quality performance even years down the line.  Some shredders come with automatic oiling systems, which lubricate the cutting head even while the machine is processing.  We recommend that you turn your shredder off whenever it is not being used in order to prevent overheating.  However, several shredders provide double protection against overheating and as well as an automatic shut down after a period of inactivity. Although there isn’t a fool proof way of immortalizing your shredder, these recommendations should afford you a shredder that will operate efficiently for years to come.

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