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In Depth Look at the Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut Shredder Anatomy

By Amy Sloan March 26, 2019

Whitaker Brothers takes you on a brief video tour of the inner workings of the Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut Shredder. This unique demonstration features the reliable Destroyit 2604 with its top off, highlighting the individual features that combine to make it the sturdy and reliable first-rate shredder it has evolved to be. In fact, the Destroyit 2604 marks the biggest improvement in the series that originated some 15 years ago. Inside the Shredder Anatomy This video highlights the Destroyit 2604’s main features in this top-off demonstration to show you what makes these shredders so tough, so durable, and so reliable. It’s not something recommended you try in your own office as this is done under professional supervision. [youtube]

Destroyit 2604 Product Highlights

The heart of a shredder, where it all begins, is right here with the continuous duty motor. The Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut requires no calm down period, no cool-off time. It just runs continuously and has a very long life as well. You can get many, many years out of this equipment. Moving back, we’ve got a solid Solingen steel cutters and spacers. This is what actually destroys the paper as it goes through the shredder. Some shredders will have plastic parts in there. That’s not really recommend. In fact, if you look at the shredder as a whole, there’s hardly any plastic in this thing. That contributes to this being such a tough durable machine. Move over to the side, to see one of the shredder’s best features right here, the automatic oiler. This travels inside the shredder and reaches a pump right here, and then it gets pumped back under and you can barely see it but that takes it to a manifold cutting heads. Moving backwards is the printed circuit board, which is durable enough to handle dust, paper, and all the kinds of stuff that happens in a natural shredder environment. Given the history, given its past and its technical record, it’s been a great performer for us. Lastly, there is the dust protected gearbox. All the dust that comes up from doing all of your shredding is not going to get into the gearbox where it will dry up the gears, eliminate the grease, and eventually cause jams. This is another very big advantage and again, one of the other contributing factors that make the Destroyit 2604 Cross Cut Shredder such a durable unit.

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