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Introducing The Laser Shredder

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019

Here at Whitaker Brothers we have made one of the greatest advancements in the history or data destructions equipment. One thing that sets us apart from the rest is our mindset that we always need to think about more than just tomorrow. We want to develop products and ideas that will be forever stapled in the history of data destruction. After several months of brainstorming and mapping out the specifications and details for a new machine, we at Whitaker Brothers are proud to present to customers the Laser Shredder. 

Now, you may think that the idea of a Laser Shredder is a little far out. Even though the product we’ve created is merely a concept prototype, we are super confident that this machine is going to be the future.

With the assistance of our engineers and our shredding experts, we stayed up for some late nights searching for a lightsaber-like vision. Then we realized that this ridiculous idea was actually possible. Our techs began to work on a way that we could infuse an optical amplification process involving electromagnetic radiation with the concept of shredding materials that are typically destroyed in regular high security shredders. Eventually, we became closer and closer to mixing these two concepts and we manufactured a way to have electromagnetic radiation cutting heads installed in the throat of the shredder. When we first ran paper through it, we found that the paper was almost instantly destroyed and left a dusty residue unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Once we ran a few more tests we realized that the shredder actually produced a plasma like residue that quickly dried into the dusty residue.

Since the laser ablation process that takes place during the destruction process produced such an extreme heat, we now needed to construct a way to cool down the thing. And back to the engineers we went. Luckily, because we have engineered the best engineers around, we developed an evacuation system (as seen below) that cools down the machine. When we first made this cooling system we didn’t realize that we we’re also giving a little hand to mother nature at the same time. We added two HEPA air filters to the evacuation system in hopes that it would lower the amount of dust and heat emitted from the machine. Little did we know that the machine, combined with the filters, actually produced CO2 and various harmless vapors.

And the Laser Shredder was produced.

Now, of course we’re not done with the prototype. We are looking for various ways to further the technology that we originally thought was an improbable task. One aspect of the laser shredder that we want to improve on is enabling the machine to shred materials such as DVDs, CDs, flash drives, cell phones, and even solid state hard drives.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Laser Shredder.

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