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Introducing the Martin Yale CR818 and CR828 Paper Creasers!

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Coming in April 2015, the Martin Yale Manual and Semi-Automatic paper creasers are two brand new machines that you will want to have in your office. Simply put, creasing involves producing a depression in your paper to enable your materials to be bent. As companies are upgrading to higher quality cardstock and toner the need for a high quality creaser is growing. By using the Martin Yale 818 and 828 machines, you can transform your paper products into sharp, clean, professional looking marketing materials. The 818 and 828 are the perfect addition to any small to medium sized office, salon, real estate office, restaurant, or any other business or company. These machines are perfect for creasing high gloss covers, paperback books, menus, invitations, bulletins and more.  Many jobs need to be folded after printing, and customers won't tolerate a finished, folded piece that's been blemished by any cracking or splitting of the sheet. It makes a big difference to have the right tool for the job, especially when it comes to creasers. Your customers and clients will appreciate the extra effort that has been put into your materials to make them look clean and crisp.myl2 The science behind the 818 and 828 is easy. The machine produces a crease with a wide channel of about 1/16” of an inch thick. This creates a hinge effect which distributes the stress of the bending paper fibers over a wider line, thus eliminating any broken or damaged fibers and leaving your materials in perfect condition. Also, the three button control panel on the 828 makes for effortless operation. The green button is for crease. Once you have your paper lined up, push the button and in a matter of seconds you will have a perfect crease. The blue button is for the optional foot pedal. By pressing this button you can have the ability to turn off the foot pedal operation and use the machine by pushing the green button. The last yellow button is the reverse test/dejam button. In the rare instance that your machine may become stuck, use this button to help clear the machine. The 818 and 828 differ in very little ways. The 818 comes with a smooth, easy lever operation while the 828 comes standard with an optional-use foot pedal. This foot pedal is a great addition that allows for the user to maximize efficiency and minimize time by letting the small, electric motor complete the creasing process.  One great thing about the 818 is that if you decide later on that you would benefit from the pedal, you can purchase an upgrade kit with a foot pedal for an additional cost. There is no need to purchase a completely new machine!  Another awesome feature of these creasers is the ability to complete one and two fold creases. To do this, simply line up the paper guides on each side, flush the paper against the left side, crease, and then flush the paper against the right side and crease again. Now you have a paper with multi-creases! MYL1 The Martin Yale 818 and 828 are two of the best creasing machines in the market. Made out of durable steel construction and hard-anodized aluminum paper guides, the 818 and 828 will make sure to be one of the smartest investments that will last a long time. Also, with a quick 4 step set-up and a six footed base, your creaser can be easily relocated and used in any place you want. To set up your machine, just remove it from the packaging, install the paper stops, if you have the 828, plug in your foot pedal, plug into a wall outlet, and you’re finished! The list price for the CR818 is $415, while the CR828 is $1077. Thanks to the 818 and 828’s well-constructed and compact size (24” W x 20” D x 5.25” H and 24″ W x 20″ D x 7″ H, respectively), these Martin Yale creasers are the perfect addition for your office.  

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