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Latest Destroyit Features

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Destroyit Features


ithin the last two years, business grade paper shredders have a lot of changes. Prior to 2009, basically every shredder had an ON/OFF switch... that was about it! But recently a whole slew of brand new standard features have come into existence. This blog entry will cover those unique to the Destroyit paper shredder lineup: Some of these are brand new, some of them have been around for some time now. For a few of MBM's most popular models, be sure to check out the Destroyit 2604, and the Destroyit 4002. Safety Protection System (SPS) – designed as a safeguard feature for users and the machine, the SPS is an automatic shield that will disconnect power to the machine if breached.  This may happen when the there is a jam, the cabinet door is ajar, or if the bag needs replaced.  It is also a reverse-feed function to help prevent against jams and offers protection against overheating.  The “Easy Switch” control allows the user to determine the operational status as well. Energy Saving Mode (ESM) – Shredders equipped with ESM will move to a low-energy idle mode after 1 hour of inactivity. Lifetime Warranty – MBM guarantees the quality of their products and offers a lifetime limited warranty on strip- and cross-cut cutting shafts and gears.  They also offer a 1 year limited warranty on super micro-cut cutting shafts and gears, and a 1 year warranty on all other parts, excluding wearables. Electronic Capacity Control (ECC) – is an indicator system allowing the user to gauge the machine’s shredding input capacity.  A series of green and yellow lights give the user approval to increase the input capacity up to the point before reaching a red light, signaling the machine’s maximum capacity.

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