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MBM 207M and MBM 307A: Two Classic Paper Folders

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019

When it comes to paper folders, there are many different products with varying features that appear as though they are ideal for any office. Additionally, as one could imagine certain machines or manufacturers have their strong and weak points. However, there seems to be one company who has managed to avoid many of the weaknesses that plague competing brands. This company happens to be MBM Corporation and strangely enough I happen to be writing about their 207M manual and 307A automatic paper folders.

The MBM 207M and MBM 307A paper folders share innumerable design features, which I will discuss both their function and importance. However, it should be noted that the 207M manual folder should not be viewed as an inferior machine to the 307A automatic just because the 307A has automated features and a higher cost. The right machine for the job really depends on the needs of the consumer. Keep this in mind while reading as I will cover more on my reasoning for such a statement later.

Jumping into the fundamental features of the two machines, I will start off by mentioning that both the 307A and 207M both have a sheet capacity of 450, or in other words this many sheets can be processed in a given load. Further, this figure factors into the projected hourly output of the machines which is 10,500 folded documents for the 207M and 11,520 for the MBM 307A. Another slight difference between the folders is the document sizes they are designed to process.

The 207m manual folder is engineered to fold documents ranging from 3” x 5” to 12” x 17 ½” while the MBM 307A caters to slightly different dimensions with 3 ½” x 5” to 11” x 17”.  Both machines also have the ability to  handle paper weights ranging from 12-80 pounds while automatically adjusting to ensure that one sheet is fed at a time.

The 3 roller friction feed system, which both machines feature, ensures that the document is fed into the machine properly. In other words, this system helps prevent the documents from entering incorrectly and jamming, a problem that plagues many competing models. In the event that the machine should jam, the inner workings of the machine can quickly be exposed by opening up the shell and removing the jammed document. In the event of a malfunction such as a jam, both machines produce auditory and visual indications of improper operation. However, with simple maintenance (thanks to the quick-release roller system) a quick cleaning of ink and residue on the rollers returns both models to flawless operation.

The MBM 207M and MBM 307A both feature a control that has a 4 digit LED counter with batch and total functions. The batch function lets the operator know many many cycles have ran on the machine in a given run, while the total function displays how many total documents have been processed. Additionally, both machines have a test button located next to the digital display which allows the user to view a finished product for inspection prior to regular operation. After the documents are processed, the 207M and 307A utilize the same automatic conveyer and self setting exit rollers to make sure that the documents are properly ejected and collected after processing.

The two previous features are further complemented by an extended exit tray which allows for the neat and orderly accumulation of folded products, again standard on both machines. Another convenient aspect is that both machines load and unload documents from the same side, which in turn takes up less space than competing models.

Truly one of the standout features which both the MBM 207M manual and 307A automatic paper folders utilize is the ever important auxiliary paper guide for cross folding. A huge problem with many folders that advertise the ability to cross-fold is the consistent quality of the folds and product malfunctions. The auxiliary paper guide, a  feature exclusive to the MBM paper folders, ensures the quality and consistency of cross folds that many other models wish they could attain. If I were to say one feature that undoubtedly separates MBM folders from the rest I would have to say pick the nearly flawless cross-folding system.

Alright, now back to the biggest differences between the two machines: the manual versus automatic adjustments. The 207M (M designated for manual) has to be manually adjusted if the operator intends to fold a different sized document from the previous fold. The skew and micro-adjustment dials can be moved easily and does not prove to be challenging to someone who has previously used a similar manual folder. It takes a little more time and may not be ideal for offices with many users, new operators or an environment where numerous fold sizes are commonplace. If the previously mentioned office conditions apply to you fear not, the 307A will fit your folding needs with ease.

With an internal memory of six standard folds and the ability to memorize 18 additional custom folds, the 307A Automatic folder makes manual adjustment a thing of the past. Another automated feature on the 307A is related to the sensors on the feed tray which identify the dimensions of the paper and displayed it digitally on the LED. This helps take the guesswork out of the dimensions of oddly sized documents, increasing efficiency to a small degree. Further small adjustments can be utilized by the skew and micro-adjustment dials as well. It is also best to mention that the 307A has fully enclosed fold tables, which quells the issue of noise that is so prevalent amongst folders.

With roughly a 20 percent difference in price between the manual and automatic MBM folders, I hope this article helps differentiate the features and applications of the MBM 207M from the 307A. My intention is to not only inform those interested in these machines of their features but also help them make an educated decision as to which machine best suits their needs. In closing, I hope my article has served my intended purpose and allows for deep inner reflection related to the needs and desires of paper folder enthusiasts worldwide.    

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