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Never Trust a Shredding Service!

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019


Shredding services seem convenient, but would you trust a third-party to handle your sensitive data? A truck driver who worked for a shredding service company shared numerous bank records with identity thieves, court documents say. According to police, the Texan man may be responsible for a nationwide identity-theft ring, with thousands of potential victims and a total monetary loss numbering in the millions.

The shredding service in question claims its offsite shredding business is safe and secure, but has not responded to the incident in question, according to local news. Many businesses rely on the Ohio-based company, which in turn must rely on their employees. Their website claims the company goes beyond industry requirements with more criminal background searches of its employees, but does not specify exactly what it does to prevent incidents such as these.

ripped checkImproperly disposed checks can lead to fraud

The multi-state investigation began in Georgia, where law enforcement arrested a local woman for writing forged checks in the name of a woman from Bedford, whose bank and driver’s license information were stolen and used for the fraud. She implicated the shredding service employee after police questioning, saying that he worked for the off-site data destruction company. Police later confirmed that the personal information stolen were from businesses on his route. Many victims of identity theft never find out exactly how their information got out in the first place, and most cases go unreported. Now that shredding services have reached an all time high in the market, we don’t expect this to be the last story in the news.

After searching the truck driver's house, police discovered a torn-up check in the trash belonging to a man in Seattle, who was robbed of his identity after he sent the check to a major insurance company. He later confirmed that someone had tried to write fake checks in his bank account. The company involved is the only business mentioned by name in the search warrant, but it is uncertain just how many may be involved.

4 Ways to Bring your Shredding In-house

Many businesses discard sensitive data every single day, and often rely on third-parties to shred them off-site in bulk, but no matter the effort put into security, middleman companies will never be as secure as destroying the data yourself. They are also much more expensive than owning your own equipment, leading to more money spent on lessened protection of your sensitive material.  Shredding services can be convenient, but why sacrifice the security? Here are four popular options for keeping your shredding in-house:
  1. Centralized Office Shredder: You can now destroy your own documents in bulk with a heavy volume office shredder, which falls just short of industrial shredders and are perfect for use in any department or office.
  2. Many Small Deskside Shredders: Rather than one large shredder, you also have the option of having smaller  shredders for each desk. This is great for cutting human error to the bare minimum, as people are more likely to shred their documents immediately if it's placed right where they work. A quick way to figure out where to put the smaller shredders is to look for personal printers at individual work spaces. Every person with a personal printer more often than not is dealing with information too sensitive to be processed through the communal printer, so placing a small shredder next to a personal printer will increase security.
  3. Create Your Own Internal Shredding Service: If you want something more large scale, you can create your very own in-house shredding service with industrial office shredders, which can cut through large amounts of notebooks, cardboard, and even hard drives in certain models. Security containers ensure that before they are shredded, your documents will be locked and secured in a portable bin, for maximum security against thieves like Doucet.
  4. A Combination of the Above: You can tailor the options above to fit your company's needs. We're more than willing to design and customize the perfect shredding service for you!
[gallery columns="6" ids="|Small Deskside Shredders,|Centralized Office Shredder,|Industrial Shredder,|Industrial Containers"] Data destruction equipment is an investment in security, and with heavy-duty, durable machines, you can ensure long-lasting service that will save you money for years to come. Feel free to contact our experts at 800-243-9226 or at for more information!

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