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One easy way to stop yourself becoming a victim of Identity Theft

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

There is an old story about two explorers in Africa and a lion.  They are out on a treeless plain one day and they encounter a lion.  One explorer turns to run away.  The other says “why run, every lion can run faster than every man.”  The fleeing explorer replies, while running, “I don’t have to beat the lion, just you!”  This point is true in many aspects of everyday life.  You don’t need to always be the best, just better than the competition.  Today’s post looks at how you can keep ahead of the pack and not fall victim to one of today’s predators – Identity thieves.

Modern Day Predators

ID Theft is essentially a numbers game by its perpetrators.  They will try to find the easiest to fool and do just enough to catch you out.  The guy’s you should be really scared of are the people who will steal you identity, empty your bank accounts and ruin your credit history.  A recent report from Indian State University[1] suggests that there was a 33% rise in ID Theft during 2010 alone. Take it from me, it is actually quite difficult to break into State computer systems and steal personal information such as social security numbers.  Think about for a second, if they have all the resources of the State behind them and they are a large organisation with Federal support they will do a pretty good job of keeping their systems secure.  They are the first explorer in our story, miles ahead of the pack and the lion.  Why would a potential criminal bother when there is an easier way to steal an ID?

Don’t take on the Pentagon when all you need to do is dive in a dumpster

The sad truth is that a lot of people simply throw away routine paperwork that contains enough information to facilitate identity theft.  Letters containing names, account details and other personal information are thrown in the garbage every day by people who perhaps don’t realise the consequences.   An ID thief can take this information and perhaps combined with other methods covered elsewhere in this blog, cause havoc.

So how do you stay ahead of the ID thief?

One very simple solution, costing perhaps less than $80, is a home shredder.  This will not protect you from a super high tech cyber attack but it is one measure that will keep you ahead of the pack.  Whitaker Brothers have been tailoring shredding solutions for individuals and businesses for over 70 years – The US Government even uses them.  If you want to see what they can offer you check out their personal shredders page on the Firm’s site.

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