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Our Choice For the Best Auto Feed Shredder

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019

In a sea of shredders equipped with automatic feed systems, several companies boast the claim of having the best system available. Here at Whitaker Brothers, we’ve come to find that many of these stack and feed machines are troublesome, prone to paper jams and numerous other malfunctions.  These shredders also generally feature a low throughput capacity, resulting in a constant need to reload your shredder.  However, there is one auto feed paper shredder that is proven most effective and unproblematic.  The Formax FD 8500 AutoFeed blows the competition out of the water thanks to its high sheet capacity, valuable shredding features, and of course the simple and efficient auto feed system. So what makes this shredder so special compared to the others?  The Formax FD 8500AF actually offers two separate feeders, singling it out from all other Formax shredders.  The Standard Hopper has a wide, 16” feed opening to accommodate paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards.  Feed up to 18 sheets of paper into this hopper at a time and watch as it shreds your files into 5/32 x 1 1/5 inch particles.  Fast and effective, this standard hopper processes your documents at a rate of 33 feet per minute.  The LED control panel offers user-friendly buttons, load indicator, and color coded features that display your shredder’s operational status. But these shredder features can be considered run of the mill.  What we are really interested in is the auto feed system.  The Formax FD 8500’s Auto Feed Hopper guarantees convenient hands-free operation for any project you undertake.  For an office shredder, the Formax 8500AF offers incredible power and productivity.  Are you tired of the monotonous and time-consuming process of manually feeding and consistently reloading paper into your shredder?  The Formax 8500AF eliminates this burdensome task.  Simply load your sheets of paper into AutoFeed Hopper, push a button, and walk away!  Though similar companies manufacture shredders furnished with auto feeders, these machines contrast drastically with this Formax model.  Most stack and feed systems require horizontal placement and feeding of the paper.  This opens up the door to paper jams, worn or damaged cutting shafts, and constant repairs.  With the Formax 8500AF, optical sensors detect paper and automatically pull your documents vertically rather than horizontally, resulting in a smooth and reliable transaction.  When the shredder no longer detects paper, it will instantly cease operation.  Flexible and efficient, you can load the auto feed hopper with a maximum of 175 11” x 17” sheets.  Similar competitor shredders barely accept 100 sheets at a time. Yet capability and trouble-free operation are not the only two superior features the Formax FD 8500AF offers.  The durable, all-metal construction and high quality geared motor guarantees longevity.  The heat-treated, steel cutting head is crafted to last for years without wearing down and requires minimal oiling or maintenance.  Various other auto feed shredders are poorly constructed and are thus more likely to break or wear out in a significantly shorter period of time.  The Auto Cleaning function, Oil Indicator, and Self Diagnosis System help you maintain your machine.   The 8500AF strives to avoid shredder malfunctions.  However, should a paper jam occur, the Formax shredder immediately switches to auto reverse in order to self repair. Based on the incomparable auto feed system, high throughput, and proven durability, we believe that the Formax FD 8500AF office shredder deserves the title for best auto feed system on the market.

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