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Phiston Data Destruction Products

By Bold Commerce Collaborator March 26, 2019

Whitaker Brothers recently added several new Phiston products to our wide selection of data destruction equipment. Based in Florida and focused on technology research, Phiston works to create Data Media Sanitizers that destroy hard drives and digital media to ensure full data security. With the growth of information technology, the demand has increased for products that can destroy all the information stored on new media. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Agency (NSA) created requirements that government-affiliated must follow in order to safeguard secure information. In response, Phiston developed products used to destroy data. These data destruction devices include the V-Spike SSD Destroyer, MediaVise SSD, original MediaVise, MediaVise Compact SSD, MediaVise Compact, and MediaDice.

New media storage and the growing use of SSDs have led to higher demand for new destruction products. Many people have been requesting new second stage hard drive destruction units (NSA requirements explained later in the article), as well as a new type of destruction designed to destroy advanced media and SSDs. To answer this rising requirement, Phiston has introduced a new line of data destruction models, which fulfill the previously-stated requests. According to Government Data Destruction Specialist Scott Schum, Phiston works “to maintain a compact unit while still meeting the high demand for multi-media destruction.” Each product is outlined throughout this article to exemplify the many ways that Phiston fulfills media destruction demands.

The V-Spike SSD Destroyer is a solid-state media sanitizer that destroys computer SSDs, cell phones, PDAs, circuit boards, and memory cards. More practical and secure than most other methods of destruction, the V-Spike SSD Destroyer offers a new and improved way of destroying SSDs. Unlike other Phiston products, this product includes both Phiston’s MediaVise 40,000 lbs. (~20 tons) force crushing platform and Phiston’s V-Spike technology, which sends an electrical jolt to destroy electronic components of SSD media pieces. This automatic product does not require an adaptor and can either empty its debris into a drawer or through an optional debris chute and into any collection bin. The drawer holds up to 12 - 15 destroyed desktop hard drives or 20 - 30 destroyed laptop drives. The V-Spike is identical to the popular MediaVise Compact SSD except for one difference: the V-Spike uses 10 volts of electricity to destroy new media. The electricity surges through circuit boards to fully destroy all the electronic components. The V-Spike SSD Destroyer is especially useful for customers looking to completely destroy data from not only solid-state media, such as cell phones and memory cards, but also computer SSDs. It is 16” tall, 22.5” long, and 9.75” wide.

MediaVise SSD

The MediaVise SSD, also an automatic SSD destroyer, powerfully crushes and completely destroys memory chips with 20 tons of force. This product destroys all of the SSD’s flash memory chips, making the device useful for those who want to make all their information unretreivable from the chips. The MediaVise SSD does exactly what the MediaVise Compact SSD does, except the MediaVise SSD offers a large waste bin that can hold up to 12 computer drives or 20 laptop drives. With its compact size of 25” H, 19” L, and 12” W, the MediaVise SSD fits perfectly on a desk or tabletop, does not need an adaptor, and comes with a manual unjam and lock-out doors to prevent accidentally-placed items from being crushed.

Original MediaVise

Phiston’s MediaVise destroys data storage media entirely and is designed for crushing HDDs. MediaVise uses “patented crushing plates” to effectively destroy all the internals of hard drives, namely entire storage platters. MediaVise runs automatically, providing a hands-free and safe process. The product uses 40,000 lbs, does not need an adaptor, easily plugs into a standard wall outlet, and destroys the items in the storage platter in only 30 seconds. The product also has a collection drawer that allows for the destruction of 12 - 15 desktop hard drives or 20 - 30 laptop drives. MediaVise is small, portable and great for using in business offices. Although made for HDDS, MediaVise is also capable of destroying SSDs (not NSA-approved yet). The machine is 25” tall, 19” long, and 12” wide.


MediaVise Compact SSD Destroyer

The MediaVise Compact SSD Destroyer (identical to the V-Spike model except that it does not use any electrical volts) automatically uses 20 tons of crushing force to destroy computer SSDs, as well as other solid-state media, such as cell phones, PDAs, circuit boards, and memory cards. It uses “specially designed plates with interlocking pyramidal spears,” 187 to be exact, to mangle and destroy the entire SSD and all its’ data. The machine comes with a manual unjam and unjam cycle. For safety, it additionally runs automatically and includes lock-out doors so that the machine will not work if its’ doors are not closed. The product’s small size (16” tall, 22.5” long, and 9.75” wide) makes it easy to use in an office, and it can destroy data in only 30 seconds. MediaVise Compact SSD had a collection drawer for the debris; the bin holds one computer SSD or two laptop SSDs. There is also an optional debris chute that can have the debris go into a collection bin.


MediaVise Compact

Phiston’s MediaVise Compact, used to sanitize HDDs, storage platters, and circuit boards, has passed NSA Evaluation by the Center for Storage Device Sanitization Research (CSDSR) for the destruction of Hard Drives. The MediaVise Compact automatically uses 20 tons of force to hydraulically destroy data on hard drives and digital storage media. The MediaVise Compact offers a small debris bin that holds one computer hard drive. This smaller debris bin makes for a compact, portable, and office-friendly machine. The MediaVise Compact also has an optional chute to allow drives to fall directly into a bin of your choosing. This feature allows for increased speed and safety, so personnel do not have to handle the sharp edges of the destroyed drives. Additionally, it can destroy cell phones and PDAs and although classified by NSA fordestroying HDDs and not yet evaluated for SSDs, it can still destroy SSDs as well. The MediaVise Compact is 16” tall, 22.5” long, and 9.75” wide.


Phiston’s MediaDice product uses a “hardened-steel knife mill” and destroys ("chops, dices, and disintegrates”) CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays without removing labels. It also destroys plastic cards, such as IDs and magnetic (strip) card data storage, and cuts them down to a fine powder. The MediaDice is specifically designed for “the destruction of optical media and smartcards,” Schum said. The product comes with an automatic feed to hold up to 200 CDs/DvDs, as well as a vacuum attachment, where all the debris goes; the vacuum attachment can be used with any standard 1 vacuum hose. The automatic, hands-free feed allows the user to load the feed with optical media and continue with other tasks. The MediaDice comes with an automatic shut off. The discs are reduced to particle sizes “smaller than the required NSA specification.” The machine has a cycle time of 500-700 discs per hour, and its’ small and compact size makes it an easy fit for office desks and other spaces. MediaDice has dimensions of 15.5” Length by 28” Width by 9.5” Height.

NSA Requirements

Starting with the hand-held degausser, Whitaker Brothers have been offering solutions to destroy hard drives for around 20 years. Over the years, the density of recorded media has increased, so the products used to destroy them have become more powerful. Additionally, as new media comes out, more products that destroy this new media need to be developed. Methods of destruction include physical, degaussing, and overwriting software. Methods differ depending on the classification of media that is destroyed. The NSA requires all magnetic media and classified information to be degaussed first before any other destruction method is used. The NSA also recommends a second stage of destruction, such as physical destruction. Phiston products are great for this second stage; they also offer a lower cost solution for general destruction requirements and a way to destroy unclassified information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), and controlled unclassified information (CUI). In order to protect personal information, the HIPAA and FATCA laws were also designed. The Phiston data destruction products are most useful for anyone in the government or military, involved in the U.S. Department of Defense activities, or any major corporation that stores personal data. The Whitaker Brothers team always strives to provide the best security products in the industry, and we are proud to be partnered with such a forward thinking innovator as Phiston Technologies. By Lindsay Cayne

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