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Product in the Spotlight: The FPi 2020 Folder Inserter Review

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019

Take a closer look at the super efficient FP 2020i Folder Inserter with this two-part video. Kyle Mitchell shows you the inside mechanism of FP 2020i Inserter as well as an actual demonstration of it efficiently popping checks into envelopes within a matter of seconds. In the second part, he gives an insightful review of this product’s pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision when considering this time-saving device for your business.

Kyle Mitchell of Whitaker Brothers gives an impressive video demonstration-cum-review of the FPi model 2020 Folder Inserter.


Kyle gives you a quick look at the intricate mechanism of rollers inside the folder inserter at the beginning of the demonstration. The FPi 2020 Folder Inserter has two paper trays which can accommodate several sheets at a time, as well as the clamshell AKA collator where the paper comes together right before it’s folded together and inserted into the envelope. Lastly, it also features a sealer. Upon pushing the start button, all the sheets go through with papers being pulled from the paper trays and exiting at the other end. On the other hand, the envelopes are coming from down below. The whole system marries them up and you get several sheets of paper folder uniformly and tucked into each envelope. The process can go on forever.

FPi Folder Inserter Product Review


1. Price

A box like this is going to be several thousand dollars and that’s a lot of money. But consider this: In the demonstration itself, the FPi 2020 Folder Inserter just folded about 15 envelopes in under a minute. How long will that take a normal person? What do you pay a person per hour? When you think about the investment it’s a lot of money upfront but realistically speaking, this is drastically cheaper than trying to pay employees to do this kind of stuff especially when you think about it over a five-year return of investment period.

2. Maintenance

Another weakness is the folder inserter’s relatively complicated mechanism. With other products we sell like paper shredders, the way they operate is very easy and people can debug them themselves. With equipment like this, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got a good company standing behind it, the reason being, if something goes wrong in here, unless you’ve been trained on this stuff, you’re not going to have any idea as to how to fix it.

Fortunately, Whitaker Brothers offers have fantastic service agreements whereby if something does go wrong, you don’t have to worry about it one bit. You call us, we’ll come out there, we’ll fix it, and IT WON”T COST YOU A PENNY. Remember, complicated equipment like this necessitates a service agreement.


The strengths are extremely obvious. You’re going to get a great honeymoon period with a product like this where there are going to be no problems for quite a while. The potential service issues mentioned before typically don’t occur till a little bit later on in the life. Why is that? This is a proven design. This is not new and innovative. This type of design for folder inserter has been around for many, many years and it’s been that way for very good reason: because it just works. When you’re moving paper around through rollers, you’ve got to go with a tried and true design and the FPi 2020 really embodies that.

Find out more information about a fantastic product at a great price, the FPi 2020 Folder Inserter.

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