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Product Review: Destroyit 2603/2 SMC Shredder

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Destroyit 2603/2 SMC High Security ShredderWatch a video demo/review featuring  Whitaker Brothers’ Destroyit 2603/2 SMC Shredder. This NSA-approved shredder with level 6/P-7 security has been used by many government institutions for the destruction of classified secret and top secret documents. This energy efficient, one-horsepower super micro cut shredder has a powerful but quiet single phase motor with durable gears and a twin-drive system housed in dustproof housing to protect it against rust. Notable among its safety features is its electronically controlled clear safety shield. The Destroyit 2603/2 SMC is one of Whitaker Brothers high-security unit for paper data destruction. SMS stands for super micro cut with shredder residue averaging approximately 1 to 5 mm in size, well within NSA specification 02-01.

Product Highlights

[youtube] The Destroyit 2603/2 SMC handles 6 sheets per pass and has a 27- gallon shred volume capacity, both of which are far from extraordinary features. However, this great seller has the following: Automatic Oiler The automatic oiler on the side is a standard feature with the Destroyit 2603/2 and honestly, it should be a standard feature with any high security shredder. You’ve got to oil a shredder every 15 minutes of use. Nobody can oil a shredder that frequently. That’s why this bottle on the side does it all for you. That’s a one-gallon container automatically injecting fluid directly into the cutting heads. Oil Injection System Indicator The indicator on the right side is the oil injection system indicator. If you’re out of oil and you happen to not notice it from the oiler on the side, that’s going to tell you when it starts flashing. Electronic Capacity Control (ECC) Meter The ECC meter is critical in a high security shredder because it only takes about 6 sheets per pass. If you don’t have something like an ECC meter, you really have no idea how close to jamming or how far from jamming it you are because let’s face it, any shredder is going to have 50 to 75 different uses on any given day. The ECC meter glows based on how hard you’re making the shredder work. If you’ve got a little more room to feed it, it’ll be in the green but if you’ve jammed it, it’ll be in the red. Anywhere in between, you’re just fine. Easy Switch Control The easy on/off switch is nice because if you’re a shredder salesman like Kyle Mitchell, every now and then you’ll get a tie stuck in a shredder and you’ll want to be able to smack something and get it to stop. Continuous Duty Motor The 2603/2 has a continuous duty motor that you can run all day long if you want to. Compared to all other shredders, not just the Destroyit line, if you get much smaller than this type of a unit, you have to take maybe a ten-minute break after you’ve been shredding for five minutes. When you’re looking at productivity and you’re looking at getting rid of a lot of paper, you don’t want that stuff hanging around. You want to get rid of it. You want to do it all in one shot so a continuous duty motor is what you’re going to need in order to do that. Safety Features As far as safety is concerned, the safety protection system doesn’t get a whole lot safer than this in the industry. You can’t sneak a finger underneath here. The only way that you can get into there is to lift up the SPS system but of course by doing it, you can tell by the flashing light right there, it’s going to cut the shredder off. It’s not going to work anymore so you can’t shred. The shredder will not be in operation when the SPS shield has been disengaged. One more thing, the shredder also cuts itself off when you’ve got the door open. Again, these are all just things that most people don’t think about but honestly, shredders can be dangerous if they’re not used correctly. Optional Bags When you take a look inside, bags are optional with the 2603/2. A lot of customers like the option of either shredding directly into the plastic bin or shredding into a bag but there have been complaints that under certain circumstances, too much static can build up on the container and that can cause the shreds to really stick to that container. Although you may be  much better off using bags, the decision is really up to you.

Destroyit 2603/2 SMC Demonstration

In the video review of the Destroyit 2603/2 SMC high security paper shredder, Kyle demonstrates the ECC meter functionality when he inserts first one sheet of paper, eliciting only one green light, and then about five or six sheets, resulting in several more green lights. If he had put one or two more sheets in there, the lights would have turned red or yellow. This shredder is very forgiving in how you feed it. When a sheet of  paper was fed very sloppily, the 2603/2 SMC tolerated the paper even though it had to bend it over and basically do twice the amount of shredding all in one pass. The Destroyit 2603/2 SMC paper shredder is a very versatile and very user-friendly machine. It’s not going to burp on you for a whole lot of reasons.

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