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Product Review: Kyle Mitchell's Thoughts on the Datastroyer 108 Solid State Shredder

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Whenever a brand new product hits the market there is some trepidation in the sales team. We are so selective over the equipment that we sell, nobody wants to be the first to discover a bad product. Having sold roughly a dozen Datastroyer 108 Solid State devices I decided to compile my experiences for the sales team to review - and I also thought it would be helpful for customers to read it too. So far response has been extremely positive. A lot of the applications so far have been cell phones but I am surprised by how many applications don't fit a specific category. Yesterday I was watching a customer shred 100+ green circuit boards with a VGA output. They didn't need them anymore, but they didn't know exactly what sort of data could still be retained on the ram chips. So they ran them through the Datastroyer 108 Solid State. Lots of customers have been using this for general e-destruction of discarded components. After a demo on a degaussing wand, I decided to take the platter from a hard drive and run it through the Datastroyer 108 Solid State. It handled it without any difficulty at all.. The correct expectation has to be set though. This is a low volume, point of need destruction system. It's not made for all-day bulk shredding. I've got stuff that'll do that! It's $45,000 and bigger than your car! But the Datastroyer 108 Solid State is made for occasional usage. Thicker, denser materials may take a full minute to pass through the cutting chamber. If you need high throughput then you need to shell out more money. [caption id="attachment_4800" align="alignleft" width="210"]solid state shredder Have a question? I love talking about drive shredders. Give me a call at (301) 354-3022 and we'll find the best shredder for you! - Kyle[/caption] We have started to dislike the optional "lip" that can be put in the back of the chamber. It's supposedly better for cell phones, but we've found it mandates manual feeding for every piece of media inserted into the device. So I personally have started discouraging customers from getting it with a lip. Out of a dozen deliveries on this machine, three customers have been completely fooled by a 20 amp plug. Unless you work with industrial equipment you've probably never seen one and might have thought we accidentally sent you a European voltage machine. All newer buildings have 20 amp outlets but some really old buildings don't have access to that circuitry. It can be put in for relatively cheap though. Our in-house electrician says most contract electricians would charge about $300 to put one in. While we're talking electricity, the Datastroyer 108 Solid State will use every bit of power you let it have. A dedicated circuit is recommended. Definitely don't plug it into a surge protector shared with the copier and a coffee maker. One customer complained that their machine was taking two minutes to destroy a solid state hard drive which seemed very high compared to our in-house testing. I arrived on site and moved the equipment away from all the busy wall outlets. The first solid state hard drive we inserted after relocating it was gone in ten seconds. Ultimately as long as the customer isn't expecting a production caliber workhorse they'll be very pleased with the Datastroyer 108 Solid State. It replaces a low volume disintegrator which is loud, expensive, and service intensive, with a smaller box that requires a fraction of the maintenance. It  gets my personal seal of approval.  

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