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The Biggest Threat to Your Identity

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Dumpster Diving and Identity Theft


rotecting our identity has become a large concern over the past decade.  With the advances in technology, it has become easier for hackers to attain our personal information and wreck havoc without even leaving a trace.  We go through extra measures and software programs to keep our private information safe on our computers and online, but did you realize that the most common form of identity theft happens right from your trash can? I’m sure you sift through your daily mail passing over 5 to 6 pieces of junk mail just to get to your “actual” mail.  But, what do you do with all of this junk mail?  Simply tossing it into the trash leaves you vulnerable to identity theft predators that can easily grab your personal information.  The simplest form of protection comes from effectively destroying your mail with shredding. Because of it's small size, high durability, and top safety features one of the best shredders for shredding mail at home is the Destroyit 2360. The 2360 is also a level 4 shredder, so the shred is even smaller than most standard cross cuts that shred at level 3. If you are looking to shred mail at the office, we usually recommend something bigger like the Destroyit 2604. The 2604 customer favorite because of it's mid range capibility, price, and reputation for lasting 10+ years easily. Shredding your mail guarantees you peace of mind and you can trust that no one will be able to open accounts, create false identities, or rack up charges all in your name just by going through your garbage.  Along with junk mail, important mail items to shred include pre-approved credit card offers, bank statements, utility bills, medical bills, and any item with your name, address, social security number, driver license number, or date of birth. It is up to you to protect yourself and Whitaker Brothers is here to help.

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