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Second Stage Hard Drive Destruction Academy

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

In a world full of hi-tech hackers and valuable personal information on everyone’s computer, it’s absolutely imperative to understand secure magnetic media destruction methods. So as data destruction specialists, we feel compelled to release a few lessons from Data Destruction Academy to learn about the necessity of two step hard drive destruction process. With both our advice and machines, such as Phiston’s Mediavise; two step destruction can be effortless and uncomplicated.

How to Destroy a Hard DriveLesson 1: first stage hard drive destruction. The NSA keeps an eye out for the most effective methods of data destruction so classified information is disposed of properly. Products that are recognized as viable methods of hard drive destruction make it to the EPL (Evaluated Products List). The list of devices on the EPL are only options of second stage hard drive destruction. The NSA only will credit these machines as proper methods of hard drive destruction if they are used “in conjunction with degaussing or routine magnetic hard drive sanitization” (EPL, 2014).

For anyone unfamiliar with hard drive destruction terms, wiping and degaussing a hard drive are essential first steps. Wiping a hard drive is erasing any data or documentation that exists on the data storage device through a computer. Degaussing is an exterior process of de-magnetizing the magnetic media so this data is irrecoverable. Degaussing, in particular, can be a difficult process without the right tools. Items such as the Proton 1100 Degaussing Wand can be a life-saver for degaussing magnetic media. This is easy to use too. All a user needs to do is access the mirror-like optical media inside of the hard drive and wipe the degausser wand all over the surface. That wand quickly and accurately demagnetizes the entire drive and prepares it for the second-stage destruction process.

MediaVise Compact HDD Lesson 2: finding the right product for second stage hard drive destruction. For many personal users, the right product for second stage destruction may just be a hammer and a desire to demolish. This generally includes people who have the single intermittent hard drive they need to destroy. For businesses such as corporate offices, schools, churches and government divisions, they need something a bit more substantial. This would be a great application for the MediaVise hard drive destruction series.

The original MediaVise Hard Drive Destroyer has been revolutionary in terms of hard drive destruction. This machine ostensibly applies the force of several thousand hammers to the magnetic media drives all in one tabletop machine. This machine debuts some of Phiston’s signature features as well. One of our favorites is the hydraulic crushing plates inside the device that apply 40,000 lbs (20t) force to its chosen victim. It’s not just made for hard drives either. This machine can destroy cell phones and PDAs as well. Its large chamber can accommodate up to 1 full size hard drive (up to 5.75” x 4” x 1.25” in size) or 2 laptop hard drives. Even with this extended functionality, the entire unit is only 19” x 12” x 16”. It’s a crushing, mangling, hard drive destroyer that can fit on a tabletop.

Businesses that are looking to save money and improve security with an in-house data destruction process would be pleased to find that this hard drive destroyer is easy to operate as well. Just insert the magnetic media in the top destruction cavity and press start. Within 30 seconds this machine destroys the magnetic media using those powerful hydraulic crushing plates. When the MediaVise has finished mangling and warping the hard drive, it spits it into the bottom collection container. This collection container captures all of the leftover shards and debris from the hard drive demolition. This eliminates the after-step of cleanup. After degaussing and wiping, the MediaVise is a great second-stage hard drive destruction option for businesses that do not need NSA standard hard drive destruction.Hard Drive Shred Residue

For government agencies and some government contractors, they need EPL certified second stage hard drive destruction equipment. Phiston’s MediaVise Compact satisfies just that. Approved for the EPL as a valid second stage hard drive destruction method after the use of degaussing & wiping, this is perfect for top secret needs. Being a MediaVise series product, it has the signature 40,000 lb (20t) crushing hydraulic plates that warp and destroy hard drives within 30 seconds. However, this compact version is a little more versatile than the original MediaVise. Not only does this have a chute option that businesses can use to easily dump multiple magnetic media devices, but it also comes in an even smaller size. The compact MediaVise is measured at 22.5” x 9.75” x 16”. This compact version was so popular it has been the structural premise for following MediaVise machines.

With the help of Phiston MediaVise machines and NSA regulation, second stage hard drive destruction has never been safer. It’s vital to remember that all magnetic media destruction needs to be treated as a two step process. Keep an eye out for future Phiston Technologies’ products for more safe and secure hard drive destruction machinery. With these two lessons, we hope we can offer the world some of our expert advice on how to destroy a hard drive, the right way.


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