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Selecting the Right Paper Cutter

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Triumph Cutter Models


paper cutter and an automobile have a lot in common. When considering the purchase of either, everything that you look out will produce the exact same result. The only difference is how nice the ride is. Be sure to check out the most popular paper cutters in our Paper Cutters section above. Cutting Width Of all features you get on a paper cutter, this is the simplest yet most expensive. You'll want the cutting width of your paper cutter to be at least slightly larger than your smallest dimension. Ideally you want it to be able to handle your largest dimension too, but that's only if you have money to spend. The price of a paper cutter increases with the cutting width in an extremely predictable fashion.  Manual, versus Electric, versus Hydraulic Cutters Although cutting width is the most important method of determining price range, the type of motor is the most important method of selecting a paper cutter. The difference between manual and electric is pretty obvious, but electric and hydraulic are a little harder to see. The key lies in what your expected usage of the paper cutter is. If you plan on operating the cutter for a couple hours per day to take care of business, then electric is just fine. However if you anticipate using the cutter for long stretches every single day, then you should be looking at hydraulic. The cutting action is absolutely identical, but hydraulic is simply a more heavy duty solution.  Side ruler, versus LED, versus Electronic Programmable Cutters (EP) Triumph EP Control PanelThe method of measurement is probably the last critical feature on a paper cutter. On low end models, the side ruler is the most common choice. It works by eyeing the backstop and where it lands compared to a ruler on the side of the cutting chamber. It works, but since it's purely subjective there is still plenty of room for user error. The LED readout automatically gives you the measurement accurate up to 1/100th of an inch, a huge improvement over using the eyeball method. Finally there is the EP model. Our most popular EP model is the Triumph 4850 EP by MBM. My favorite part of EP cutters is typing in the appropriate measurement, and having the backstop move on it's own. The EP models can also be programmed, so that the paper cutter automatically moves to the next measurement of the cut that you are preforming. Especially handy for cutting business cards.

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