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Why a paper shredder makes a perfect holiday gift!

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Does someone you care about have secrets like their DOB and SSN? You can help them keep their secrets safe when you buy them a shredder for the holidays. Many of us throw sensitive material in the trash each day; jeopardizing our security and leaving us open to identity theft. Your gift of a paper shredder can ensure that your friend’s sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands. This is the sort of gift that is useful for everyone.

Dumpster diving is a favorite technique used by identity thieves. This is where sensitive and valuable information usually ends up. When not shredded, it can turn into a valuable resource for the criminally minded. Millions of tons of junk mail are distributed annually. Included in this are credit card offers, banking and medical information. Some identity thieves are motivated by money, others need to pretend to be someone else. No matter the reason, it spells trouble for the victim. More than half the occurrences of identity theft in the US were facilitated by information derived from dumpster diving. With a convenient personal shredder next to your desk, it’s more likely that you’ll shred documents immediately, rather than forgetting them somewhere and accidentally tossing them into the trash. Besides, it’s fun to watch those bills, parking tickets and credit card offers being torn into tiny pieces of nothingness. Shredding can be a cathartic experience where you imagine the dissolution of unhappy memories as your paper is minced beyond recognition. It can also be a fun experience where you take your shredded materials and use them in a very green fashion for confetti, art projects and even garden compost. It’s amazing how dangerous documents can so easily be repurposed as wonderfully useful delights. Many people give crazy and useless gifts during the holidays and some of these gifts are remembered forever for their total wackiness. You can be certain that your gift will be remembered too. Let’s face it, it’s got to be totally unexpected and really fun even though it is actually very RATIONAL and USEFUL. To choose the best shredder, you need to understand some basic product facts. Shredder sizes range from personal to industrial. A personal size shredder should generally be appropriate for home use. If your friend has a business, a home office shredder might be a better choice. Another size aspect is feed capacity, the number of sheets you can insert at one time. For personal or home office use, feed capacity ranging from 5 to 10 sheets is sufficient. It also makes sense to select a shredder with a larger bin to make disposal more convenient.

A low volume shredder can be either strip-cut or cross-cut. Strip cut shredders have blades that go in only one direction. Crosscut shredders shred in multiple directions by using multiple blades. This makes the document destruction process more secure, because it’s much more difficult to reconstruct a deconstructed document. Financial documents and other personal information are less likely to fall into unscrupulous hands.

In-order to function properly, cross cut shredders require lubrication. Without it, paper might get jammed between the blades. Many personal office shredders come with a mini squirt bottle, perfect for oiling. All that’s needed is to switch the machine into reverse, squirt some oil into the opening, and you’re ready to go. If you want to splurge there are some high end features that are extremely worthwhile. Autostop is a safety feature that prevents both accidents and paper jams. Another high end feature is noise reduction. Some top shredder brands are Royal, Fellowes and MBM. Make certain to find some dramatic wrapping paper for your dramatic gift. It’s not every day you get to help a friend prevent crime!

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