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Staff Picks: Folding Machines

By Angela Altomare March 26, 2019

Popular Paper Folders


Whitaker Brothers' sales reps have an average tenure of approximately 10 years. In that time, we've watched hundreds of paper folder brands come and go. As one of the highest volume paper folder dealers in the United States, we're well qualified to recommend some of the best products in each price category. Here they are.

$500 Or Less

MBM 93M: There is a LOT of junk at the low end. But this is truly a fantastic little paper folder for fairly small volumes. Has an exit conveyor too, a feature most commonly found on more expensive paper folders. The range of paper weights it will tolerate is pretty narrow, but if you're doing standard printer/copier paper, then the 93m folder is the way to go.


Martin Yale 1711Martin Yale 1611Martin Yale 1611 or 1711: Really impressed with the durability of these two products. The $500-$1,000 range used to be a very awkward space with no great options. But the Martin Yale 1611 folder and 1711 have very easy to use options are brand new for 2011 and have made a great impression on our customers. The greatest benefit is the flexibility to accept larger paper and a little greater margin for paper weights. Still not a high volume machine though!


Martin Yale 1812Martin Yale 1812: Another new entry into the market by Martin Yale, but we're getting fantastic feedback from our customers. The fold plates automatically adjust themselves, which is a feature commonly found in much more expensive products. Of course there's the exit conveyor as well, which is a standard feature from this point forward. MBM 207mMBM 207M: This is one of our personal favorites because it's incredibly durable. You don't get the automatically adjusting fold plates on this product, but you do get an absolute tank of a paper folder. This is the first paper folder I would recommend for production grade work.


There are no folders in this price range that are substantially better than the previous price tier.

$3,000 and Up

Martin Yale 2051Martin Yale 2051 SmartFold: This is a very popular folder amongst our customers, and is filled with many of the latest and greatest features. In general, the more expensive a paper folder, the less training we have to provide to the customer. And this is no exception. MBM 307aMBM 307A: This folding system has remained relatively unchanged for many years, and for very good reason. This is a highly reliable, fully automatic paper folder. Extremely easy to use with a very simple paper path leading to one of the lowest jam frequencies in the industry.

Air Fed Paper Folders

MBM 1500sMBM 1500S: While there are a lot of suction fed paper folders on the market, all of them are extremely durable. The problem is, many of them require an experienced user to operate effectively. The 1500S isn't a staff favorite because it's preformance is head and shoulders above the rest. We like it because it's so incredibly easy to use, that it's about the only plug-and-play airfed folder on the market! Almost anyone can operate this machine right out of the box, making it a very popular choice for us.

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