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Tax Preparation Companies: What you need to protect your clients information this tax season

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

It’s tax season and the first peak is headed your way. You’ve got a lot on your plate over the next through weeks. We want to help you alleviate some of that stress. We’re here to help you avoid data breaches by providing expert opinion and top of the line products.  We’ve been in business for over 70 years and we’ve been working with tax preparation companies for almost as long. We know exactly which solutions are the best choice for you. [caption id="attachment_5221" align="alignright" width="192"] The DestroyIt 2503 Cross Cut Paper Shredder[/caption] Paper Shredder As a business owner, you deal with hundreds and thousands of personal customer records every tax season. All of these documents keep you especially vulnerable to identity theft, especially during this busy time of year. When it comes time to destroy these papers, make sure it’s done effectively with a mid level security shredder.  For tax stores, a Level 3 or Level 4 cross cut shredder is the perfect fit. Even if you already have a paper shredder in your office, consider upgrading. Many low end shredders are strip cut models, and offer a shorter lifespan than their cross cut counterparts. Strip cut shredders are not the ideal solution for confidential tax documents, as they can still be reassembled piece by piece by motivated identity thieves. A mid level cross cut shredder may initially cost you more money but it can last you upwards of 10 or more years, even with daily use, ultimately saving you precious time and money. shred [caption id="attachment_5228" align="alignleft" width="199"] We have 2 gallon, 4 gallon, 6 pint, and 12 pint oil available![/caption] Shredding Supplies The additional supplies that go with paper shredders are just as important as the shredders themselves. Oil helps by clearing residue build up and extending the life of your shredder. It’s also useful to have in case of thick paper jams. Remember to always purchase your oil wisely. Many inexpensive, water based lubricants will provide no benefit to your shredder. When heat is generated by a shredder it causes the low quality oil to turn into a waxy buildup that will cause you problems. You can be assured that Whitaker Brothers provides top of the line shredder oil that will protect your investment. The only other shredding supply you need is bags. If you use a trash bag or container for collecting your paper shred, there is always the risk of ripping and tearing. This leads to a mess, and a security breach if you haven’t been using a cross cut shredder for sensitive files. [caption id="attachment_5224" align="alignright" width="196"] The Shredinator line of locking shred collection bins.[/caption]

Shred Bin

If you use an external shredding company to visit your location and shred your documents, that’s okay. Although we can’t endorse using an outside service, we understand that it may be the best solution for your company. We carry a line of security bins that are the perfect solution to keeping your documents confidential and secured until they can be shredded. We carry many different types of bins including ones on casters for easy relocation, and others with very thin dimensions, available to fit in the tightest corners of your office. If you’re in the market for something a little different, please reach out to us! We carry a wide selection of mailing equipment and other machines such as paper folders, laminators, and cutters. We also have other data destruction equipment available that can help keep your sensitive information safe and out of the wrong hands. Give us a call, chat with us on our website, or send us a message today!  

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