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The Intimus FlashEx and Your Hard Drive Security

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Over the past decade, the computing industry has seen a gradual shift from spinning magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs) to solid state drives (SSDs). This move by the industry into implementing a new technology into their computers has left many holes in the security of the newer SSDs. The lack of moving parts in an SSD in comparison to the HDD’s spinning disks leaves the whole mechanism more impervious to physical destruction. Many modern companies have taken measures in order to keep secure data protected, and have implemented varying techniques in order to physically destroy their HDDs. [caption id="attachment_4668" align="alignleft" width="234"] The particle size of a shredded SSD[/caption] However, many of these struggles in data destruction are for naught. A considerable amount of the methods utilized by businesses looking to protect their private files leave their data insecure, and able to be salvaged. Some of these unsafe practices include outsourcing the destruction of their drives, which can leave significant factors in the process out of the hands of the business. These factors include transportation, and the lack of being able to monitor the destruction themselves. Another common practice is the manual destruction of drives, when businesses take matters into their own hands with hammers and screwdrivers. These methods and others like them can leave SSDs in a salvageable form, despite the destroyer’s best intentions. Enter the Intimus FlashEx. Intimus, a company based in Germany, is one of the premier manufacturers of data security solutions. Through the marvel of German engineering, they have created the FlashEx, a professional flash media destroyer designed for the typical commercial office workspace. This product is geared towards regular people and their businesses looking to protect their data. The device is built in a manner that promotes ease of use, with simple set-up and one-button use. With regards to installation, the Intimus FlashEx needs only to be unpacked and plugged in. Unlike industrial shredders/destroyers of a similar caliber, the FlashEx is built to function plugged into a 120 volt outlet. This means that an office could house the machine without the need for a warehouse with something like a transformer. Designed to be a part of the average workspace, the FlashEx functions at a volume of around 65 decibels, a noise level, as described by Galen Carol Audio, is comparable to a normal conversation level. Not only is it quiet, but it also promotes low energy consumption through its automatic shut-off mode that activates after 10 minutes of standby mode. Simplicity and ease of use is the FlashEx’s most important trait. With one main button that powers the system on, objects only need to be inserted through either the glass door or metal flap to begin destruction. The functions of the cutting rollers may also be controlled manually by designated “forward” and “reverse” buttons. However, the need for manual control is limited, as its smart shredding system automatically adjusts to oddly shaped objects by reversing and forwarding the cutting rollers until the object is gripped. The Intimus FlashEx features a variety of pilot lights that turn on whenever an issue arises, allowing users to quickly troubleshoot the device if issues should arise. Any further issues can be resolved by our trained technicians, here at Whitaker Brothers. Not only can the FlashEx destroy SSDs, but its powerful cutting rollers can thoroughly tear apart anything from USB thumb-drives, to smartphones, to even small tablets. The material is crosscut into a 4 x 15mm particle size, which meets the E-3 security level under DIN 66399, a classification system that ranks the destruction of data carriers. This classification system is German in its origin, and the E-3 security level corresponds to a maximum particle size of 160mm2. Many companies nowadays underestimate the amount of information that can be extracted from an old company-issued smartphone, and the chief way to combat this is through the meticulous destruction only the Intimus FlashEx can provide.  

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