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By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Innovative Solutions

Phiston Technologies is a small business located in Miami, Florida that has wide-ranging experience in technology development and data destruction. Together, the engineers and scientists have a combined 100 years of experience.  Phiston specializes in producing unique data destruction products such as the MediaVise, MediaVise Compact, and the MediaDice. Phiston researches and engineers state of the art ideas, products and services to solve issues in fields such as data destruction and information security. Currently, Phiston’s line of media destruction is at the forefront of data security, providing solutions and security with a simple press of the button.

Data security and destruction is just as important as data storage still, many people don’t properly dispose of their personal data and information, because they may think that no one will steal their information. However, there are many ways that different types of data can be used by hackers. Government data is some of the most important to protect. We all know that financial and personal records are important to be kept safe but what you might not know is that GPS coordinates, photos, videos, are easy to find and use maliciously if not properly destroyed. Phiston has a four stop process that they undergo to ensure that they are only manufacturing the highest quality machinery.

This four step initiative involves:

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  • Step One: Ideas are run through an innovation test. Is this idea novel, unique, and of practical use?
  • Step Two: Phiston runs an ingenuity test to make sure the idea is technically sound.
  • Step Three: The idea is run through the integrity test. This makes sure that all of Phiston’s missions, morals, and ethical fibers are in target with the product.
  • Step Four: This begins the new product development process to decide if this produce makes business sense to create.

Unique Technology

The Phiston products are engineered to handle quick information and data technology growth and to minimize growth in data breaches. The science and technology behind Phiston machines is incredible. The unique V-Spike technology doesn’t just punch a few cracks into your hard drive, laptop or other media device. The specifically designed crushing plate consists of at least 187 interlocking razor sharp steel pyramid shaped spikes that puncture, perforate, and demolish the media device on both sides with an outstanding 20 tons (40,000 lbs) of pressure.


Next, these Phiston machines pulse electrical jolts into the already crushed media in order once more affirm that any material that may still be able to be extracted from the media device is completely destroyed. This provides assurance that you have totally destroyed any of the flash memory storage chips and rendered your media completely unreadable and uncoverable.

Compact Size

A great feature about these Phiston machines is that they are small and compact enough to use in your office. By doing this, your sensitive information never has to leave your eyesight. While they are very heavy machines, all hard drive machines are heavy, but with the Phiston line of destruction devices you can be certain that you are receiving the most compact, space-saving machine. Also, the line of Phiston machines are significantly smaller than industrial hard drive shredders. Those devices can take up space in a whole room, whereas the Phiston line only needs a small corner of a desk or table. One perk is that there is no need to buy a special stand or table to hold your machine!

High Quality Machinery

Phiston prides themselves on creating high quality, simplified machinery. The Phiston line uses a standard outlet, meaning no special adapter is needed to work your Phiston machine.  Also your machine’s plates will never need replacing. Phiston uses a biodegradable MotorSilk lubrication for their machines. This specialized lubrication uses environmentally friendly chemicals to bond with the metal which eliminates metal-to-metal contact and resistance to corrosion. This ensures that your machine is built to last. Also, the Phiston line of machines come with a HEPA filtration system to remove particles and dust from the air. The Phiston company has great customer support and warranty coverage. Products and accessories both receive 90 days of parts and labor and one year of parts from the date of purchase.

More Than Just Hard Drives!

The line of Phiston Drive Destroyers have way more to offer than just destroying hard drives. Phiston has developed machines that can destroy cell phones, credit cards, CD’s and DVD’s, or even work badges.  One of Phiston’s newest tools is the MediaDice. Insert any sensitive media including bank cards, credit cards, ID’s or  USB drive, push the button and your information will be disintegrated rendering your optical and magnetic-strip data completely unrecoverable.  The disintegrated, unreadable device is then effortlessly disposed of in the debris collection bin. The MediaVise Compact, which employs the same technology used in the original MediaVise, is currently under evaluation by the NSA.

Phiston has also developed an advanced optical media destruction unit, the MediaDice. This unit will destroy 500-700 disks with labels per hour including DVD’s, CD’s, and BluRay  by using a knife mill cutting process. A small attachable vacuum is included with the purchase of a MediaDice, thus allowing the debris to be vacuumed and dumped for easy recycling.  The debris meets NSA level 6 requirements for particle size.



Phiston Technologies is focused on security. It’s simply not enough to disfigure a hard drive. Phiston knows this and puts in the extra effort so that you are constantly assured that your sensitive material will be properly destroyed. Phiston is continually doing testing and shooting for the highest security standards available, including NSA listing. The products that Phiston has manufactured have been in response to the continual, rapid growth of information technology and data storage as well as the inherent rise of data breaches. Phiston products are also all made in the USA, between this, the experience of the engineers, the compact size, features, and high standard of the machinery there is no reason your next machine shouldn’t be a Phiston!

Widely Used Throughout the USA

Phiston is currently one of the biggest brands on the market. They currently serve some of the largest data centers all over the world. With Phiston machines being used so widespread in such high security fields, there is no reason not to trust your sensitive data to be destroyed with a Phiston. Another reassuring fact is that Phiston complies with numerous laws governing information security including:

  • The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • The Federal Property and Administrative Services Act (FPASA)
  • The Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR)
  • The Federal Information Security Act of 2002

With such unique, one-of-a-kind technology, reasonable pricing, compact size, and high-quality engineering, we are excited to see what Phiston has to bring to the table in the coming years. Whatever they bring, we know that they will not disappoint.  Phiston and Whitaker Brothers are very similar. As self proclaimed “data destruction nerds” we are looking forward to nurture our relationship with Phiston to help them make data destruction and storage as safe as possible for the future.

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