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Whitaker Brothers Visits the MBM/IDEAL Factory to Investigate New Line of Triumph Cutters

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Triumph LogoWhitaker Brothers heard that Triumph was coming out with a new line of cutters, and we just couldn't wait any longer to find out more. Invited by MBM and the Krug & Priester Factory, Whitaker Brothers' Sales Manager, John Brown, traveled all the way to the rolling hills of Balingen, Germany to learn more of MBM's products and the Krug & Priester Factory. There, he gained first hand experience in their newly released Triumph cutters, and boy were we impressed! Starting from the first stage of production, this is the only manufacturer that produces 100% of its’ products. The fully integrated production assures seamless quality and precise cutters, which creates powerful results.

Made in Balingen

The strong, beautiful country, known for its rich cultural heritage and plush landscapes is home to the world renowned Krug & Priester factory in the countryside of Balingen, Germany. Balingen features the imperial 14-Burg-HohenzollernHohenzollern Castle, which is situated amongst lush, rolling hills and engulfed in an awe-inspiring, brisk sky. The castle is illuminated with majestic architecture and creates an overwhelming chill of wonder. While first walking into the Krug & Priester factory, one notices the extremely efficient, clean, sleek design of the building. Each employee radiates a mixture of honor and prestige when speaking of their role in the process of developing such high-quality, “Made in Balingen” machines. John Brown describes the facility as a “refined and efficient factory with each employee taking pride in the specific part they created.” John was astounded by the way the manufacturer was able to “make the tools, to make the parts, that make the cutters.” These are characteristics that create a truly flawless product, and with the new line of Triumph Cutters, expectations were once again exceeded. Let’s take a look at the innovative features added to the already popular Triumph Paper Cutters.

New-control-panel1 (1)

Even More User-Friendly

First, let’s discuss ease of use. The new Triumph 5255 (formerly the Triumph 4850 EP) features an improved control module, previously a keypad, that is now an electronic touch screen. Convenient and user-friendly, this touch pad controls and re-positions the power back gauge. The touch pad allows for up to 99 programs with up to 99 steps for each program to be stored into memory. As a bonus, the touch pad is multilingual, making it perfect for anyone to operate. The touch screen control panel also includes useful pre-programmed standard paper sizes and automatic memory for repeat cuts for increased efficiency. Once your measurements are entered and the back gauge is positioned properly, you are ready to cut. The Triumph 5255 now features a larger 20 ⅜” cutter (previously a smaller 18 ⅝” cutter) that enables the popular 13”x19” paper to be cut with more precision. Previous models offered push button, true two-hand operation to activate the cutting process. The new patented easy cut blade activating bars were placed in the Triumph 4815 (formerly the 4810 model) and the Triumph 4850 (formerly the 4850 D model) for independent activation of the clamp and blade. The two-step blade activating bars offer separate trigger points for the blade and the clamp. This means that the clamp can apply pressure before proceeding with the cut. These bars also require two-hand operation for maximum user safety. Two-hand operation ensures that the user’s hands are nowhere near the blade when the cutting process is activated.


Safety First

As you may know, Triumph cutters are known for their superior Safety Cutting System (SCS). In addition to two-hand operation, the IR Light Beam Safety Curtain likewise guards the user from potential harm. Located on the front table, should anything (hands, clothing, etc.) pass this light beam during cutting action, the cutter will instantly halt operation. Further safety is provided by the transparent cover on the rear table. Head over to the MBM Corporation to learn more about the Safety Cutting System in detail.

Increased Precision


Not everyone works with large format pieces that require cutting. Some applications require accurate cutting for small format pieces. The two side lays, each on the front and rear tables, help to improve accuracy while cutting. The precise backgauge also allows for exact positioning of your stacks, regardless of the size. Speaking of accuracy, bright LEDs display an optical cutting line to show exactly where the cut will be performed. If the cutting mark is inaccurate, simply realign to achieve a precise cut. The electronic hand wheel is available for those who’d prefer to manually adjust the backgauge. This hand wheel offers infinitely variable speed control, for slow or fast control and re-positioning.


Efficient Maintenance

The cutting blade and cutting sticks can be changed from the outside of these units, without the hassle of removing machine covers. The Solingen steel blade requires the use of the blade changing tool, which covers the cutting edge of the blade for user protection. However, this vital tool can easily be lost in any print shop, warehouse, or production area. Triumph has this answer to this vanishing act. A practical hook-in tool holder is positioned on the back table and keeps all necessary tools for blade change and service jobs within reach. Never lose the knife changing tool again!

Quality Cutters

Starting from the first stages of production, these powerful machines are constructed with the highest quality materials by employees who take immense pride in each task to develop a high class cutter. The German engineered hardware coupled with the innovative  technology creates a truly flawless product that only gets better and better. From the employee culture to the highly efficient and effective machines, the new Triumph cutters prove to undoubtedly be cutting edge. In addition, MBM developed a new suffix system for when searching for your new cutter. Review the visual below to get a grasp on what each new suffix means. To check out the new Triumph cutters and the existing popular models, click here!

New Models

Triumph 4815

Triumph 4815   Replacing the Triumph 4810 model, the Semi-Automatic Triumph 4815 includes the patented Easy-Cut blade activation bars, which provides true two-hand operation. This cutter now also includes a tool holder, which conveniently is placed on the back table to keep all necessary tools nearby. The newly released Triumph 4815 paper cutter is a quality cutter for low volume projects. Click here for more information.  

Triumph 4850

Triumph 4850   The Triumph 4850 replaces the Triumph 4850 D with new features including the patented Easy-Cut blade activation bars and a convenient tool holder. The Triumph 4850 is a fully automatic paper cutter with Easy-Cut blade activation bars that provide an optical cutting line with bright and durable LED lights that ensure a precise cut every time. The Triumph 4850 paper cutter easy to operate, precise and safe. Click here for more information.  

Triumph 4860

Triumph 4860   The new Triumph 4860 replaces the Triumph 4860 ET and includes impressive IR light beam safety curtain that delivers added protection when cutting the various types of documents and formats. The Triumph 4860 is an automatic programmable cutter with a programmable (or manual) power back gauge that offers infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast). Click here for more information.  

Triumph 5255

Cutter-Banner The Triumph 5255 replaces the older 4850 EP model with many features including the easy cut blade activation bars, the tool holder, the cutting width, and digital touch pad. The cutting width increased from 18 5/8" to 20 3/8" for a wider range of cutting with more precision, especially for the popular 13" x 19" paper. The modern, multilingual digital touch pad offers 99 programs with up to 99 steps that can be programmed for repeat cuts. With the new features included in the Triumph 5255, this German constructed quality paper shredder combines innovation and safety with precision. Click here for more information.  

Triumph 5560

d706d4853c7e01b168ed9352ba3a1a8e (1)   The Triumph 5560 is designed for professional and high volume use. Its' hydraulic cutting knife  provides advanced technology and impressive cutting capability. The Triumph 5560 cuts up to 21.65” in length and 3.74” in height (3.62” with a false clamp plate). Among  features like the digital touch pad, Easy-Cut blade activation bars and the Safety Cutting System (SCS), this high capacity guillotine cutter features the IR light barrier for increased safety. Click here for more information.  

Triumph 6655

31f6dac3fd7d377d1260164845a02629   The Triumph 6655 is a powerful FA Programmable, digital cutter that is built to precisely cut a high volume of paper. The 25-3/5” cutting length and 3” cutting height tolerates a range of formats and applications. The Triumph 6655 also performs a narrow cut of about 1” (0.98” to be precise). The Safety Cutting System, Easy-Cut blade activation bars, high quality German steel blades, and digital touch pad make the Triumph 6655 a high performance paper cutter. Click here for more information.  

Triumph 6660

Triumph 6660   The Triumph 6660 is a durable paper cutter that will cut documents and formats up to 25 ½” in length and 3” in height. It will easily performs a narrow cut of less than 1 inch (0.98 in/25 mm). The Triumph 6660 includes the Safety Cutting System, Easy-Cut blade activation bars, high quality German steel blades, and digital touch pad. It also includes  the innovative IR light barrier for added safety. The Triumph 6660 is a refined machine that will cut a high volume of documents in a convenient and safe manner. To learn more, click here.  

Triumph 7260

Triumph 7260 The Triumph 7260 is the largest of the Triumph cutter line, offering a generous cutting length of 28-3/8” and a cutting height of a full 3”. It is equipped with the standard Easy-Cut blade activation bars, digital touch pad, Safety Cutting System (SCS), and IR light barrier. Added features of the Triumph 7260 include, air jets to allow easy movement of the sheets being cut, optional stainless steel sides for added work space and a hydraulic blade and clamp. This paper cutter allows for precise mechanical cuts for a large volume of paper and sizes. For more information, click here.

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