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Why Buy Roller Cleaner?

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Roller Cleaner for Folding Machines


ometimes, buying accessories is just a way for companies to squeeze a couple extra dollars out of their customers. For example I once purchased a TV and was convinced to buy a gold plated HDMI cable for $20. What a waste of money! First of all you can buy them for a dollar at your local store, and secondly there is plenty of research that reflects no tangible gain from premium video cables. But the retailer that I purchased from swore up and down about how much better my picture would be, so I sprung for the gold plated cable. That's $20 I'll never get back. So as a sales person at Whitaker Brothers, I'm in a tough spot trying to convince a customer of the importance of roller cleaner.  Some people think it's just a gimmick. And having been in the exact same position before myself, I understand their concern. When paper comes out of a printer or a copier, the toner is wet, the paper is red hot, and full of static. All three of these cause major problems for a paper folder: -Toner is absorbed by the fold rollers. At first this causes minor slippage and the occasional jam. In the later stages, the fold rollers actually crack and disintegrate. Much like the motor on a vehicle - the fold rollers are generally at least 25% of the cost of a machine. So it's a very expensive repair. -Paper that comes out of a printer hot will experience a bowing as it cools. Thus the paper as it goes through the paper folder is not perfectly flat. Although folders are generally pretty good at tolerating bowed paper, now and then it'll munch something that bows a little too much. -As you can imagine, static electricity has a negative impact on how effectively and reliably a paper folder can move paper through it's path. Roller cleaner has three primary advantages to it: Firstly it cleans toner off the surface of the fold roller. Secondly by having clean rollers you maximize the likelyhood that the fold rollers will preform well when processing bowed paper. Finally a coating of roller cleaner provides limited resistance to static electricity. It's money very well spent.

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