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The UPS Stores: Their Favorite Whitaker Brothers Machines

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Whitaker Brothers has been serving UPS Stores all over the nation for many years. Take a look at some of the most popular items purchased. Since they've worked for UPS Stores in the past, we're sure that they'll work for yours, too. Triumph 5255 Paper Cutter [caption id="attachment_5080" align="alignright" width="224"]Triumph 5255 Paper Cutter Triumph 5255 Paper Cutter[/caption] The 5255 digital paper cutter is a fan favorite with many UPS Stores. With a maximum cutting length of 20.5" and a cutting height of 3" this cutter is ideal for large format pieces.  It also comes with a touchpad control system which has the capability of storing up to 99 different programs with 99 different steps into each memory, giving you the capability to create every cut you need, every time.  Like all Triumph paper cutters, the 5255 features Safety Cutting System (SCS), which makes it safe for everyone in your store to use. It also comes featured with a stand, convenient storage shelf, and stacking angle, and a cutting knife made from all-German solingen steel, making it guaranteed to last. Whitaker Brothers Internet and National Sales Manager John Brown says that the UPS Store specifically likes this piece because of the size. "Most UPS Stores don't have double doors or loading docks, they only have single front doors. Due to the size and weight, the shipping companies are able to deliver this machine without disassembling the package, or shipping via freight truck." 207M / 1812 Folder [caption id="attachment_5081" align="alignleft" width="230"]mbm-207m-paper-folder MBM 207M Paper Folder[/caption] The 207M and 1812 folders are also popular choices among UPS Stores when paper folding needs arise. Due to the rise in digital printing, the need for folders to accommodate 11 x 17 and 11 x 18 inch papers has risen. According to John Brown, "UPS Stores like these folders because they are easy to use, very durable, and easy to maintain." [caption id="attachment_5082" align="alignright" width="300"]martin-yale-1812-paper-folder Martin Yale 1812 Paper Folder[/caption] The 207M is one of our most popular manual paper folders, it features an easy set up for standard or custom folds, and can accommodate for many different paper weights. It is capable of performing half folds, letter folds, z-folds, parallel folds, and gate folds. It features a unique three roller friction system which ensures that no matter what the size or weight, the paper will be fed into the machine properly, preventing jamming. Operating at a speedy rate of 10,500 sheets per hour, this folder will not be a disappointment. The 207M is made of heavy-duty steel construction, making it durable and less susceptible to damage, making it the perfect addition to your UPS store. The 1812 folder is another top selling folder here at Whitaker Brothers. This folder can hold a maximum of 500 sheets of paper, up to 20 lb letter size bond at once, and can fold between 5,000 and 12,000 sheets per hour. It can handle paper measuring as small as 2.5" x 5.2" and as large as 12" x 18". The seven standard folds created include letter, z-fold, double parallel, half, gate, church cut and engineering/short z-fold, while custom folds are just one adjustment away. With many other notable features including jam clearing technology, easy fold plate installs, stellar fold consistency, and variable speed this shredder will not disappoint in your UPS Store. FD 120 Business Card Cutter [caption id="attachment_5083" align="alignleft" width="207"]formax-fd-120-business-card-cutter Formax FD 120 Business Card Cutter[/caption] The Formax FD 120 Card Cutter is a customer favorite with UPS Stores nationwide. It;s an automated machine that works in any print shop. It has the ability to create everything from standard 2" x 3.5" business cards (both no bleed and full bleed) to postcards, invitations, tickets, and holiday greeting cards. It can cut legal document as well as standard document sized paper, and with the push of a button can cut, slit, and stack these documents at a speed of 130 business cards a minute. With 6 programmable and 6 pre programmed cuts, and the ability to accept paper weights up to 350 gsm, the 120 is the business card cutter you need in your UPS Store. "With options like slitting and perforating cassettes this machine has all the options that the UPS Store needs for offering card cutting operations to their customers," John mentioned. [caption id="attachment_5084" align="alignright" width="229"]2604 DestroyIt 2604 SMC HIgh Security Paper Shredder[/caption] 2604 / 4002 Shredder The last two machines that the UPS Stores have had much success with are the 2604 and 4002 shredders. "Shredding is a service that a lot of UPS Stores have been calling about and looking into," said John. "These two machines are perfect because they both have the ability to shred paper, ID badges, staples, paperclips, CD's and DVDs. Any customer can come in with a box of old documents and bring them in to be shredded," he added. [caption id="attachment_5085" align="alignleft" width="231"]mbm4002-0392o MBM 4002 Paper Shredder[/caption] Destroyit shredders are known for their track record of being super durable commercial-grade shredders. This statement holds true with the 4002 and 2604 SMC models. The 2604 offers the best security rating available, Level 6 / P-7, which meets all NSA/CSS specifications and is used by many official government organizations to destroy their top secret information.  It also comes with a few standout features including solid steel cutting shafts to provide lifelong shredding power, a built in safety flap to keep employees safe and to keep unwanted items from being shredded, a capacity indicator to show the fill levels and prevent jams, and an automatic oiler to provide optimal performance of the cutting shafts. The 4002 is a solid choice for your store as well. With a generous 16" throat, allows the user to destroy more documents at once. A feed meter on the shredder head shows just how hard the shredder is working. The higher the light meter reaches, means more materials are being shredded. Be careful as you approach the red meter light, as this means a paper jam could occur. Stick to the green lights for optimal shredding performance. If you're looking for any other office equipment, Whitaker Brothers is your best bet. "We are the only company that offers maintenance and service including knife sharpening and changing. We carry all supplies and parts, should you need to replace something on your machine," said John Brown. Looking for something a little different? Reach out to us via online form HERE, or give us a call at 800-243-9226!  

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