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Whitaker Brothers carries a variety of perforators by American Perforator. Perforators are commonly used in many businesses to cancel invoices, punch in dates or numbers, or mark documents as “paid.” They are also used in many medical offices and hospitals to date x-rays prints. In addition to preselected perforations, these small desktop devices can be custom ordered to perforate other things. Certain perforators only print up to a certain amount of characters on one line, while others can print up to 3 lines.

American Perforator 400A Paid

$4,924.00 $5,890.00

American Perforator 400 A Base

$4,974.00 $5,785.00

American Perforator 410 Variable

$6,705.00 $7,220.00

American Perforator 400 Dater

$5,780.00 $6,510.00