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Folder Inserters

Folder InsertersFolder inserters are another tool that can greatly benefit you by doing a task you thought could only be done by hand. These envelope stuffing machines are programmable and even remember recurring jobs to save you even more time. Whitaker Brothers' folder inserters & envelope stuffing machines that aid bulk mailing and envelope stuffing. Buy an inserter at competitive internet prices from top brands such as Formax. They even have different fold settings. These models are cost effective and make mail automation extremely easy. Also, they are compact and quiet, so they won't disrupt your office with loud noises or take up a lot of space. They are user friendly and can be a valuable asset to your office.



Formax 6102Formax 6306Formax 6406  Formax 7104Formax 7500

Formax FD 6104 Folder Inserter

$5,748.00 $5,750.00