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Paper Folders

Using a paper folder is one of the easiest ways to drastically cut back time spent on a mundane task. These machines are a valuable asset not only to offices, but schools and churches where there may be limited staff and little time to waste.  We have many types of paper folders, from small, light duty folders to large, high volume, automatic folders. There are many things to consider when choosing a folder, such as paper size, fold types, paper type, as well as speed and ease of use. Not sure which model to choose? Let our experienced sales team help you select the right paper folder to best suit your needs and budget. Don't forget to ask about our folder maintenance kits to help protect and maintain your new folder.

MBM 98M Paper Folder

$622.55 $1,099.00

Formax FD 300 Document Folder

$599.00 $1,025.00

MBM 208J Manual Paper Folder

$2,429.00 $2,699.00

MBM 408A Automatic Paper Folder

$3,509.00 $3,899.00

MBM 1800S Automatic Paper Folder

$6,823.00 $7,599.00

Martin Yale 2051 Paper Folder

$2,645.50 $5,475.00

Formax FD 38X Paper Folder

$4,496.00 $4,845.00

Standard PF-P3200 Paper Folder

$5,422.50 $6,025.00

Standard PF-P330 Paper Folder

$6,345.00 $7,050.00