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Time Clocks

These time clocks are office staples that you can buy and then forget about. They automatically adjust for all time changes, including Daylight Savings and leap years. Backup batteries allow them to continue to run without disruption in the event of a power outage. These are reliable tools that keep track of your payroll for you and won’t require any effort for you. Time clocks by Amano help you keep your business running smoothly and are available here along with other time and attendance systems for a great price!

Amano EX-9500 Time Clock

$876.99 $1,149.50

Amano MRX-35 Time Clock

$442.70 $654.50

Amano MJR-7000 Time Clock

$935.99 $1,287.50

Amano MJR-8000N Time Clock

$1,136.99 $1,843.75

Amano PIX-200 Time Clock

$262.99 $363.00

Amano TCX-22 Time Clock

$318.00 $528.00