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Introducing the MBM 508A Automatic Paper Folder

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

The MBM 508A automatic friction feed folder is the newest folding machine you are going to want in your office. It has the ability to fold half, letter, z fold, double parallel, fold out, gate and cross folds, along with any other custom fold that you need on paper sizes up to 11.8” x 17”. One feature we love about this folder is it’s full color LCD touchscreen. It boasts easy to use controls like fold selection, batch mode, number of materials to fold, and folding speed. Along with these options the 508A has a memory large enough to store 36 standard folds and 24 custom folds. WIth these 508aoptions you’ll always have the correct fold available for your paper weight and dimensions. The 508A can accept up to 500 sheets of 64 gsm. There is a test mode also available on the 508A. Test mode lets you run two sheets of your paper to ensure you are getting the highest quality fold that works best for your materials. Setup and operation of the 508A are both very simple. Once you uncrate the machine add the exit conveyor just plug in the machine and turn it on! Once you have your paper loaded, you can pick your fold type from the touchscreen. The fold plates will automatically adjust given your paper dimensions, ultimately eliminating the need for guessing measurements and settings. If the need arises, you can always fine tune the measurements of the fold plates via the LCD touchscreen if you aren’t happy with the way that your materials have turned out. If required, you can also use the batch mode. This allows the user to always have the correct amount of folded materials together without the need to count. If you require batches of five folded papers, simply set batch mode to five on the touchscreen. Your materials will then exit the machine in groups of five! [caption id="attachment_5211" align="aligncenter" width="652"]508afolds Folds that the 508A can accomplish[/caption] Another feature that we really appreciate on this machine is the double feed detection. The sensor on the folder will stop if two sheets are mistakenly pulled into the folder. This helps prevent misfolded papers from contaminating your output ultimately wasting your materials. The 508A has other options available for those operations that require a little more than folding. Available for purchase are additional cut, score and perforating heads that can add a clean, professional look to any of your materials. The 508A weighs in at a solid 68 lbs., and the dimensions are 39.75” D x 21.5” W x 19.70” H, a strong machine that is compact enough to use without being in a dedicated room. It’s the perfect size while also operating quiet enough to use in an office setting. Are you still not certain that the 508A is the best fit for you? Check out our video below. Or, send us a message, we love talking about folders!

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