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Customer Success Story - Ft. Washington Church: Kyle Mitchell

By Shopify API March 26, 2019

Kyle Mitchell has helped local Maryland customers find their paper handling solutions for many years. Recently, a church in Ft. Washington, MD approached Whitaker Brothers with an issue. They were spending too much time and manpower hand stuffing their mailing materials. Volunteers from the church would come in a few times a month and stuff envelopes filled with tithing calculations and records, as well as other mailing materials. They approached Whitaker Brothers in September and told Kyle about their problem. They had about $5,000 to spend on an inserter and wanted to have it set up and running by December. That way, they could mail out important tithing records to the congregation before tax season starts in January. With only one more quarterly meeting left in the year to present to the board, Kyle had to put together a stellar proposal. Any unanswered questions left after the board meeting would result in waiting until the next quarter, missing the deadline and possible losing the sale. [caption id="attachment_5104" align="alignright" width="300"]6204-advanced-2-folder-inserter The Formax FD 6204 Advanced 2 Folder Inserter[/caption] With the church’s needs in mind, Kyle wrote up a proposal for the Formax FD 6204 Advanced 2 Folder Inserter. While the Formax model costs more than the church was originally willing to spend, Kyle knew that it would be the perfect fit for the church, and ultimately save them money in the long run. After initially proposing the 6204 Advanced 2 to the church, Kyle encouraged his customer to seek out price quotes and models from other dealers. “I wanted to let them know that I was offering them the best deal on this machine,” he said. “I could have encouraged them to spend half as much money, but it wouldn’t have been the best fit for them”. After entertaining other offers, the church decided to continue with Whitaker Brothers, as they realized the FD 6204 Advanced 2 was the best fit for them. After approaching the board members with his proposals Kyle impressed them with his skill and knowledge on folder inserters. The FD 6204 Advanced 2 features a detection laser that penetrates one sheet of paper at a time, but not two. This ensures that only one insert is being used per envelope, which is reassuring when dealing with tax documents. The inserter is also a great commercial grade product that hasn’t changed design in many years. With an easy to use touchscreen, this piece of equipment was the perfect solution for this customer.  After taking the time to personally visit the church and attend board meetings, the church was sold on it. This was the machine they needed in their office. Kyle was able to order the machine and have the church set up and running in early December. Since the church no longer needed ten volunteers to come in every month and stuff envelopes for an afternoon, they were able to redirect the volunteers manpower to other areas including gardening and cleaning, ultimately saving time and money. This was a pleasant surprise for the church. They figured that they may have a few people free to complete a couple extra tasks, but they had no idea that they would have to relocate the whole team to other assignments. Even though Kyle succeeded in providing the customer with a quality piece of machinery that the customer was ultimately satisfied with, it was risky. “The customer asked for something, but I recommended something completely different,” he said. “Usually that’s just asking the competition to take the sale”. He added that, “I will walk away from a sale before encouraging purchasing a wrong product”. In the end, the church has been satisfied with their purchase. Even though they spent more money than originally allocated, more money out the door meant more money saved in the long run. They were also impressed with the fact that Kyle had sat down with them and offered them free, expert knowledge. Because of the quality experience they had with Whitaker Brothers, the church came back in the following months to purchase a postage machine and folding machine. Have questions about folder inserters? Kyle is your guy! Give him a call at 800-243-9226. Other inquiries? Reach out to us HERE.

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